Friday, April 1, 2016

Update 0.5.3

Edit: So, fun fact, I had RAGS crash on me while working on it, but it sure as heck seemed like the file didn't lose anything. Sadly, it did lose something: specifically, it lost several player descriptors. I'll have to rebuild them (it won't take as long as you think it will, trust me). Hopefully that's the only thing that got lost.

Not much to this update, unfortunately. March was a bad month.

Major Updates
- New Random Event: blowjob offer while traveling (Patreon request).
- New Random Event: magician in the park (Patreon request).
- New call girl job event: office party with male client.
- New job promotion: Reporter.

Minor Updates:
- Clothing should now have a description for all clothes and underwear combinations.

Bug Fixes:
- Many typo corrections.
- Special outfit will no longer drain skill points if your skills are maxed out.
- A bunch of other minor stuff.

Note that there's probably some bugs with the new content, especially the reporter job, but we'll see how it goes.

Also, fuck April Fool's Day. I don't do that nonsense.



  1. Woohuuu a new update :)
    thx man ur great!!!!

  2. Yay! So glad this came out, I hope your able to work through your depression.
    I've been playing the new build though and I've notice when I right click on the portrait window and I mouse over status only Vitals and appearance come up and I can't seem to find anywhere to view my characters skills or traits

    1. Also can't see skills and traits. A bug which I haven't experienced before but saw on tfgs: my characters name defaults back to the one I entered at gamestart not the one I changed to later. Oh and I can go to the mall without getting clothes on.

    2. Since my name has reverted and I got the promotion to Secretary Fridays are considered part of the weekend, and I get the 'no mail delivery on sunday' line on saturdays.

  3. Will there be new wing types some day? Like currently its basically just feathered wings. How about other types of wings, depending on where you got your wing growth from?

    Butterfly wings, insect wings, fairy wings, bat wings, etc..

  4. Can't see skills and traits anymore. Also can't see any unique traits you get from a transformation anymore.

  5. Feeling pretty torn here. On one hand, looking forward to playing around with all the new content, on the other, I was planning to wait till public nudity is fixed, because that's ended up featuring in all my playthroughs. Any hope you'll revisit it before the next update?

  6. Nice to see a new call girl job. Now I just need to play through the sexy job again far enough to find it...

  7. What is the current Rags version?

  8. Cant seem to get the Bee girl transformation to proc... Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Keep examining the flowerbed in the park for any signs of bees but nothing happens.

  9. I don't know if anybody else is getting this, but I can't pick up the newspaper after getting the subscription. The item appears in the foyer, but I can only "purchase" it, after which I get the feedback I would have after buying it at the mall. This doesn't produce a new newspaper to read in the living room (or in my inventory).
    I also can't see skills and stats anymore.

  10. Thanks for the update so far everything is working great. I don't use the newspaper so I can't say whether that's broken or not for me. I did encounter a bug last version which I read somebody else encountered recently where the characters name would revert to their male name after the first time they picked someone up at the bar. Id there a a wsy to fix this, maybe a future option in the testing item menu?

  11. How can i trigger the encounter with mike?

    1. Got to the gym and weight train after the first 30 days. I've heard it works for fitness training too but I've only ever gotten the Mike encounter from weight training.

  12. Dont think the office party event is working.
    Has anyone got it?

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