Cursed is a game I'm developing in RAGS, in an attempt to create a sort of life simulation in a limited engine. So, purposefully trying to stretch the limits of the engine, I guess.

The game more or less begins when you're changed into a woman for one year as punishment for your promiscuous ways, at which point you have to adapt and start a new life. Originally, the framing device was that you were changed into a woman and became pregnant, but I eventually decided that forcing that was kind of beside the point.

Cursed revolves around choices and consequences. It's obviously not a normal situation, so there's some fantastic elements. Most notably, your body is quite malleable, changing frequently from the actions you choose. You can get taller or shorter, thin, fat, buff, weak, change your breast and butt size, change your natural hair color, and more. There's also mental changes, as you have to contend with the fact that you're a woman. You might enjoy it, you might hate it. You might find that you're still attracted to women, or you might decide you like guys now. And so on.

Customization is the key. You can choose a variety of different clothing options, which will affect how you look. Are you working for a business firm? You probably want to avoid the slutty look and try for something more professional. Are you trying to seduce the married man at the bar? Apply some makeup, adjust your clothes for maximum arousal and go to town. But your choices change you. If you come to rely on a tactic too much, you might find benefits and drawbacks for doing so. Do you seduce and sleep with as many people as you can? Well, as a slut, you'll find that you're not as satisfied by sex anymore, meaning you have to do it more often to satisfy your arousal. Do you ignore your arousal as much as possible? You'll quickly become a prude, resulting in sex acts taking twice as long, but always being completely satisfying. And on and on. You play a certain way, and you'll notice the game plays you a certain way back.

So that's Cursed in a nutshell. Check the blog for more details.