Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Things

First thing: My head hurts from all this wall bashing that I've been doing. My motivation for Cursed dries up faster than a puddle in a desert. I'm still not giving up on it, but I am taking a...let's call it an "extended hiatus".

Because fucking everyone has asked me, I'm posting an unlocked version of Cursed. This is not the most current build (which I'm actively working on, uh, sort of), but rather an older one, from quite a while ago, so it doesn't have all the newest stuff. Please do not bombard me with requests for "HOW DOES THIS MECHANIC WORK?!" I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain the minutiae of every last object/room/variable. I'm willing to help, but come on.

Also, please do not actively mod the game. You can make your own changes to it for your purposes, but if I suddenly see a release under someone else's name with my content (and I have put in a few easy-for-me-to-tell methods of figuring that out), then all you'll do is piss me off and kill the game entirely.

You can find the unlocked version by clicking here.

Second thing: I DID get hit with inspiration, so while Cursed is on hiatus, I'm going to be making a (much less complicated) other game. No details at the moment, because suspense! But I'll post it here when it's done in 10-12 years.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Start Over

The last two months have been...well, interesting. Not in a game development kind of way, though. In fact, it's safe to say that the last two months have not resulted in much game development at all. Mostly because I decided to focus entirely on the clothing system, then get really frustrated by the lack of progress on the clothing system, then throw up my arms in frustration, then get really upset about the lack of progress overall, and finally, ending up right back where I started.

Hence not posting for two months: I was embarrassed/furious with myself about the fact that, in addition to my real life kicking me in the pants, any post I would be making would be "Sorry guys, no progress".

Well, now I'm to the point where I'm more angry than embarrassed, so here's that post.

Sorry folks, little to no progress.

I am (finally) back at it, though, after I finally realized that, while I have a number of things I can work on, I don't have to work on them one at a time until each is finished. So I switched gears, and I'm working on different stuff on that list I posted quite some time back.

I could make tons of excuses, or provide a number of valid reasons why development has been slow, but it's ultimately unimportant. Suffice to say, I'm still here, still pecking away at the keyboard when I get the chance, so that's the update.

Oh, and anonymous commenting has been turned off again, because why not. If it's something you want to say, sign in. If it's something you want to say anonymously, I'm probably not interested.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let's talk clothes

So, the clothing system isn't just getting finished this time around, it's getting a few updates.

After all, if you've taken the time to get a dick, or god forbid, a huge dick, and then make the mistake of putting on a skimpy bikini, well. That may cause a bulge.

Not everything is going to be dynamically updated. In fact, very few things will be. Underwear will mostly be updated, as will tight clothes and skimpy clothes, but that's pretty much it. If you put on your lacy underwear, there's a bulge. If you then put on a long, elegant dress...no one will see it and it won't be reflected in your description.

The original plan was that clothing was ALSO going to update based on arousal, with or without the futanari trait, but sadly, that's far too cumbersome to actually do. Much as I'd like it to happen, there is just no way that I can reasonably write description updates for 500+ clothing descriptors. So, all you'll get is dick bulges.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A few questions

So there should be a poll up on the right that I hope you all take a moment to peruse. Actually...there should be two.

The first one is in regards to ethnicity changes. Long requested but pretty hard to do because of...well, racial stereotypes, really, I think I may have finally find a solution. So let me clarify the possible options for that poll.

Ethnicity Changes Poll

Option 1) No ethnic changes
Pretty obvious. No ethnic changes at all. Leave ethnicity as it is now (ambiguous), and call it good.

Option 2) No ethnic changes, but choose at the beginning
Also pretty obvious: instead of leaving ethnicity ambiguous, I give you the option to choose at the beginning of the game (just after entering your male name), and that's what you are for the rest of the game.

Option 3) Extremely limited
This is a big of a mix. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose your ethnicity. Then, as you play the game, you get points towards various looks based on your choices. At exactly one point in the game, when you have gained enough points in a particular ethnicity, you get the option to let it happen, which then changes your ethnicity. So if you start as Caucasian, but then accumulate enough points, you can choose to become Asian (alternatively, if you get enough points in Caucasian, nothing happens). This would only occur once, and it would only give you the option for the first ethnicity that you max out. After you get that option, whether you go with it or not, you'll never see it again.

EDIT: Posted this on TFGamesSite in response to a question there:

If I do add ethnicity to the game, then first of all, the player's ethnicity would be more of a description than just "You're Asian". It would describe your eyes, skin color, hair, and so on. In addition, people would have certain expectations of you depending on your ethnicity: if you're a person of color (delicate phrasing), for example, you might find it a bit more difficult to get ahead in the Business career (stereotypes!), while if you're of Asiatic descent, you might find people treating you as if you're a character in hentai, especially if you're dressing the part.

In addition, different characters would have different preferences. Currently, Genevieve is all about being your friend. But, she might have preferences herself: if you're Caucasian, then she'll be okay with that. If you're Asian, she'll be all over you (i.e. SHE will be the one to initiate romantic advances), and if you're black, you might have to try a little harder to stoke her interest.

And if I add ethnicity changes, and you DO change your ethnicity at any point in the game, you're immediately fired (unless you're self-employed). Because you no longer look the same, and no matter what you say, no one will believe that you are the same person. Inhuman transformations that have completed, though, override any kind of ethnicity change (your skin color is less of a concern if you're covered in fur).

As for the second poll, this one is a little more straightforward.

Clothing Poll

As much as I hate my clothing system, the one thing I really don't like is that lack of options. Which is a little ridiculous to say when there are over 40 current outfits in the game, but whatever. I'm going to be adding still more clothes (and ways to organize them, don't worry), but I had an idea on something to make it more...realistic when it comes to buying them.

Option 1) Just add new clothes.
Like it says. No new system. Just new clothes.

Option 2) Limit clothes based on time
Currently, all of the outfits in the game are available pretty much immediately. The only limiting factor (if you can call it that) is money and, in rare cases, femininity. This option would change it so that various outfits become available as time passes. Rather than seeing all the clothes at the beginning of the game, you see a few select outfits, with more added a few weeks later, and the more added still later, etc.

Option 3) Limit clothes based on a variety of factors
Like option 2, but instead of just limiting them based on time, clothes would only become available if you met the requirements for them. For example, if your femininity is very low, then you won't even see the sluttier clothes, while other clothes (or accessories) might require skills to be at a certain level before you'll consider buying them. It makes the clothing system more dynamic and more in tune with how you play your character: if you're playing a goody-two-shoes, inhibited character, it doesn't make sense that you can buy the leather dress, for example.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The NEXT Update

48 hours and no major bugs reported. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I was going through the code and looking at things that need to be completed, since that's what the next major update is going to be. Made a list and everything. Here's what I was able to find, in no particular order.

1) Genevieve Dating and Invite Over
2) Mermaid Stuff
3) Giving Birth
4) One-Night Stands (add at least 20)
5) Random Travel Events (from notebook)
6) Dreams
7) Dog Girl
8) Call Girl Jobs
9) Clothing Grid Updates
10) Fight Club
11) High Succubus
12) Magic
13) Newspaper
14) Inhuman Babies
15) Tentacle Ending
16) Werewolf Pack


17) Public Nudity

Some of this is obvious, some isn't. I'm not going to go into details in this post about the individual items, anyway.

Some of these are huge undertakings. For example, Genevieve Dating alone is hours upon hours of work. On the other hand, some of these are super easy, like Clothing Grid Updates, which should take maybe an hour or so.

I haven't prioritized all of these, and with the exception of...two of them, they are all planned out and just need to be written and coded.

In terms of an update schedule, I think what I'm going to do is working getting a couple of these completed, then release an update (0.5.0), then work on a few more and release another update (0.5.1) and so on. So it, in theory, shouldn't take months and months of work to get an update out.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Final Round of Bug Fixes

Hopefully this crushes most of the major and a majority of the minor bugs reported. Hopefully.

Version 0.4.1d is available from the following locations:
Rapidshare apparently decided to delete my account, so no more of that.

What's fixed:
1) Britney's mission has had the timer adjusted. In theory, it shouldn't max out in seconds anymore, and it will stop while text is being displayed to allow you time to read it. Be advised that while you have choices on the screen, the timer is running.
2) The missing "m"'s have mostly been taken care of. There's likely one or two that I missed, but I'm pretty sure that I got 99% of them.
3) You can no longer go out with Genevieve to the beach or the park if it's raining, thunderstorming, snowing, or winter.
4) A variety of fixes to the convent brothel. It should be more or less working as intended now, and 99% more error free.
5) The bookshelf works again, though sadly it'll take longer than it used to cleaning things up. Fortunately, you should only have to do it once.
6) The succubus will now refuse to work at the maid job. This was always intended, but I forgot to actually code it.
7) Speaking of the succubus, the "mysteriously lowering arousal" has been fixed. It wasn't mysterious at all, to be honest. The idea was that, as a succubus, you're always aroused, but never to the point that you can get off solo. So arousal would increase when provoked (porn, etc), but would eventually settle back to "normal" over a period of time. That's why it was slowly decreasing. Instead, I've set it so that arousal increases slowly (+1 instead of +2 during time changes), and next update will have the High Succubus normalize her arousal to 50 (since she literally can't get off without a partner).
7A) Succubus sexuality will now properly reset to 50 (bisexual) at the end of each day.
8) The security guard should properly disappear from the bar after his mission is over.
9) So should Britney.
10) Note that Britney disappearing after her mission is over is currently intended. Eventually, she can become a friend/drinking buddy/fuck buddy, but that's not coded. And her status after the end of the mission is somewhat intentionally vague for now. Calling her after the mission is currently not implemented.
11) Cat and Cow TF have been blocked out somewhat more effectively. Hopefully.
12) Drug behaviors have been corrected, for the most part. Still can't figure out why mind expander never wears off or withdrawal symptoms never go away, but you can purchase and use the correct amount at least.
13) Calling out on maternity leave will now work properly for the Office Girl.
14) A BIG ONE: The busker job can now only be done once per day. Which is exactly what was intended, but, of course, not what was actually happening. Whoops. No more mad money for you.

I think that's it? There may be more, but they were probably minor.

As always, save games with previous versions are not compatible with this new version.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Overtime is great, but sucks.

After...5 weeks? I'm finally back to normal hours next week (mostly). So I'll be doing bug fixes either this weekend or next week and then pushing out a bugfix update.