Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday (Progress Report)

Sorry about the extra long weekend. For anyone that is curious, XCOM 2 is amazing and you should get it if you're at all interested. It's hard, though. Be ready.

Today I started putting the bikini contest into place. In May, a notice will show up on the beach about a contest being held throughout the summer, where you can sign up by calling in (as long as you're not at femininity 10 or lower). This, in and of itself, is a chance to influence femininity, but the important part happens at the beach on June 2nd (which required a specific exception to the weather system to make sure that it's sunny that day).

Once you get to the contest, you sign in and can meet the judges. The judges have specific interests that they will rank you on during the actual contest, in addition to what bikini you wear. Some judges may like big boobs, but not too big. Some judges may like a certain length of hair. Stuff like that. For the first round, what the judges like is set in stone, but for future rounds, the judges tastes will be randomly assigned, but you'll have advance notice as to what they are. Consider the first round the "amateur" round, and subsequent rounds will let you work towards a certain look.

Anyway, you can meet the judges, and maybe learn what they like or don't like, but more importantly, you can try to influence whether or not they'll help you win. Some judges respond to bribes, some to sexual favors, and some judges will decline your attempts and mark you down for it. It really depends on their personality.

The actual contest will give you points on what you're wearing (one-piece = 1, bikini = 2, skimpy bikini = 3), as well as how much you match the judges ideal. If a judge like big but not too big boobs, for example (say, DD), then if you match their ideal, you get lots of points, up to a maximum of 8. If you don't match their ideal, then you get less points. As in the previous example, if you have B cup breasts, then you'll only get 5 or 6 points.

The goal is to win, but the top three contestants get to move on to the next round, which takes place a few weeks later. There'll be four rounds in total, with cash prizes for each round. If you manage to win the final round and never cheated, you'll be offered a job as a model (currently a nude model, since model isn't coded in yet), regardless of whether or not you actually qualify for it.

Naturally, participating is a good way to raise your femininity, and winning can help your Natural Charisma. And maybe you'll meet someone that wants to win just as much as you do...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday (No Stream)

As should be obvious by now, no stream today. My computer has been busy processing and uploading stuff since late last night and is in fact still going, which is actually causing some difficulty with using my computer for pretty much anything. Gigabytes of stuff for various things. But I'll be back tomorrow.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday (Progress Report), Update and Patreon Update

I've changed the way Patreon works, or at least a couple of the goals. I've also sent messages via Patreon to those people that requested the random event reward, so check your messages!

I'm really tired of Mike giving people trouble, not going to lie. Mike is a buggy asshat. I've uploaded version and that's the last one I'm doing. If he's SUPER BROKEN still, then I'll have him fixed in the next update. Really, the only thing that was broken was the fact that he wasn't leaving if you had sex with him as a non-futanari. The non-futanari content was also referencing futanari content (hooray copy-paste), so I fixed that as well.

As of RIGHT NOW, Mike is either 100% working forever and ever amen, or broken until the next update. He DOES work in testing though.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!Uc4VGBZC!zsvPltkHBWgjOMro-C8P2wbkF9kZh1VgNy4c3UmrBb0

Today's stream is done. I added a karaoke machine to help you boost your music skill, up to a maximum of 40 (but only if your music skill preference is singing, more on that below), and it can also help your creativity up to ten. Once you can invite non-Mike NPCs to the apartment, you can sing with them.

There's long been a variable in the game that's been kind of behind the scenes, which determines your musical proclivity. If you play guitar a lot, you'll find it difficult to be a good singer, and if you sing a lot, you'll find that you can't really musically express yourself with the guitar. In the case of the guitar and the karaoke machine, if you use the guitar while your preference is set to singing, your music skill gain will be capped lower than if you had a preference for guitar. The opposite is true for the karaoke machine.

There's also a tracker going in the background that's keeping track of what kind of songs you play while busking or while using the karaoke machine. What's that for, you ask? Oh, you know. Things.

I also started added in a notebook, for boosting your creativity. You can write a diary, which will boost your creativity to a low cap (20). At any time, you can start writing stories, which you can name and describe. Stories will work kind of like painting: you'll build progress towards completion every time you sit down to work on it. However, stories take a lot longer than painting (paintings are complete in 4 sessions, writing can take up to 100 sessions if you're incredibly unlucky, but are more like 30-50 sessions on average), and when you're done, if you decide to sell them, it can take even longer to actually get paid, since it has to be published and whatnot.

You can also (if you have a non-zero music skill) use the notebook to write songs. As of right now, the busker side job is assumed to be singing cover songs, but with the notebook, you'll be able to do your own original compositions, which could mean a little more money. It could also mean some kind of recognition and a possible offer of some kind.

As of right now, there's a restriction of three stories and three songs at any one time. Stories will probably be stuck at 3, since they take so long to complete. Songs, on the other hand, can have lots of options, but you can only be actively writing 3 at any one time.

Also, I can't guarantee there will be a stream tomorrow, as that's the release day for XCOM 2. For anyone that doesn't know, XCOM is my favorite game series of all time, all the way back to the olden days of 1993, so that might take over my attention for the weekend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday (Progress Reoprt and Final Bug Fix)

Mike, I fucking hate you and your stupid code!

Anyway, it's fixed. Again. And tested. Again. And it works. Again. I hate my life.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!xR43QKjD!-hQJP5nats4Vz42AaFS0EiAAAGOhdHHiqPFH7R-bGzI

Today's big achievement was creating a painting system. Painting is a fun and relaxing exercise, reducing your arousal and boosting your creativity. It can even turn into an income stream: if you're good enough, you can sell your paintings (as long as you have a computer). Be careful, though, because if your painting doesn't sell, you can get a slight penalty to your creativity skill (though you'll get the skill point back, so it's not the worst thing in the world).

A painting's value is determined by your creativity when you create it. Every painting requires 4 time periods to complete, and you can only paint once per day. At the end of a painting session, your creativity skill is increased (25% chance of a 1, 2, or 3 point increase, with a 25% chance of no increase at all; such are the vagaries of creativity), and then your creativity score is added to the painting's value. So if you have a creativity score of 25, and paint four times (and for the sake of simplicity, let's assume you don't get any skill boosts), then your painting value is 100. If you have 50 creativity, and paint four times, then your painting value is 200.

So obviously higher creativity is better.

If you decide to sell your painting, it's posted online for a maximum of 7 days. Eventually, when you go to the living room, you'll get a notice (in orange) that you should check your sale listing, which activates the action on the computer to do just that. If the painting's value is low, then you're very likely to have no sale, through there's a 5% chance you'll make some money. If the painting's value is high, you sell it for a base value plus a random modifier. For example, if the painting value is between 150 and 250, then the base value is 25, and the random modifier is 100, so the painting will sell for between $26 and $125. The random modifier is always the same, but higher painting values have a higher base, up to a base of 125 when painting value is 376 or higher.

There's also a 5% chance that you'll have a REALLY good sale, and the base value of the sale is much higher. That painting with a painting value between 150 and 250 will suddenly have a base sale of $75.

The basic idea behind the system is that painting is fun and a revenue stream, but it's way too time consuming to do it full time. And as a practical matter, you can't: even just one painting will take at least 7 days to paint and sell, and maybe as long as 11 days, and the most you can get for one painting is $350.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday (Progress Report and Update

Bugs fixed, woo.

- Mike's call now works (tested and confirmed).

- Messed with some stuff with werewolves. Should no longer cause rapidly plummeting charisma.

- Changed the "Shy Girl" style so that, if you get it, you can't get any other style, as it does have qualifiers that could put it together with other styles but didn't lock them out before.

- Various other minor tweaks, not a lot worth mentioning.

I also went over the various Charisma changes for a while. Nothing really stood out as not matching up, so I'm not sure what's causing the occasional unreported drops.

Insofar as the "leaving the balcony sometimes makes you shower even though you didn't work out", thing, I still can't reproduce that, even with event logs that people have submitted. The way that works is that it checks if a property called "showered?" is set to no, and if it is, it sends you to the bathroom to shower. There's only a few things that trigger "showered?" to no, and most of them are working out. The only other one is if you had a lactation accident without the nursing bra, which will set it as well. Could that be the problem?

Download links below.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!oJBHASAQ!zfC1sT-W20tUFI55eIQxGGbDybP8zrxVh7-rjtPHxSM

Anyway, with those bug fixes out of the way and the majority of stuff working as intended (I really need to add an "incomplete" page to this blog, don't I?), I've moved on to version 0.5.2. And the first thing I did was change the various tiers for skill reporting so that there's ten levels, and the levels themselves have thematically appropriate names (previously, there were nine levels, and while some were thematically appropriate, not all of them were). I did this because I was adding a new skill: Creativity.

Creativity is your basic creation skill. Singing music and playing the guitar, that's great and adds to your music skill. But writing a new song, or painting a picture, or writing a book, those are creativity-related. So expect new activities. You can buy an easel and paint a picture, maybe even sell it for cash. You'll be able to go to a painting class (maybe even with a friend!). Or maybe you can sit down with your guitar and write a song (and play that song for a friend!). Maybe write a love letter.

Or, you can find out that the more creative you are, the more vivid (read: varied) your dreams are. I wonder what would happen if you had strong magic, high creativity, high arousal, and lost yourself in a masturbation session? Oh wait, I know.

This is the LAST skill that will be in the game, for the record. No further skills will be added.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday (No Stream)

I'm taking the day off because my head is killing me and there's some stuff I need to do. In addition to domestic nonsense, I also need to dig through boxes to find the many notebooks full of Cursed plans and mapping, which could take a while (there's a lot of boxes). Everything from the last couple of months has been from those notebooks, but it's all been based on what I can remember, as opposed to developed from the actual notes. Having the notes should give me a better road-map for where to go from here.

Also, I'm pretty sure Patreon is going to charge at the end of the day today? I don't really know, they say first of the month. Anyway, once I get notification that charges have been processed, I will contact those patrons who have claimed rewards. Then I will be updating the rewards for February.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Bug Fixes (Update

Couple of other bug fixes for somewhat major issues.

- Mike's phone call wasn't actually working properly due to a variable mismatch. Fixed it.

- The command to become a professional maid wasn't working properly on the computer. Fixed that too.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!kFRiRaqJ!W07Fatdp1z7g4fo4IQUM7s7VvITr7TlOVb8o2O-heuU

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bug Fix Saturday (Update

Okay, bug fixes in place for the major bugs, along with some minor ones.

- Genevieve's relationship wasn't updating because the update function wasn't actually running. Should run at the end of every day now.

- Answering the door was not available because of a variable mismatch. But then I realized I was locking it out for no readily apparent reason. So you can now answer the door whenever you want. If there's no one there, no harm, no foul. This should enable Mike and day 65 content.

- Additional note about day 65: If you want to skip ahead with the testing item, you can. However, you need to skip to day 25 first, and check the mail slot for the event there, before you do so. Otherwise the event on day 65 won't trigger.

- Changed the way the bees show up on the flowerbed. They were actually triggered every time you entered that part of the park. Now you can examine infinitely, and they will show up eventually. Note that the bee serum, which is required to begin the bee TF, will only show up if you go to the mall while you have a bee sting, and it only has a 10% chance to show up when you arrive at the mall (same as the black dildo), so it make take multiple attempts. However, you can buy it while you have a normal bee sting, you don't have to wait for the "angry red" bee sting.

(Note: Bees only show up after day 60, or if TFs are unlocked via the testing item)

- Changed a couple of things with the bimbo style.

Links to below:
Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!IEAAFTIL!Dtqv1ffqLfFE0XuCuU7uVzciaNOGOXRSF9E-lFwusYw

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Finishing (Update

Well, here's the update.

New Major Content.

- You can now have sex with Mike from the gym for the first time. He won't come back after this first time yet, though.
- Starting on day 65, you can potentially get a familiar visitor to your apartment.
- Bee transformation (To start, make sure you have no inhuman TFs active, and no wings. Go to the park, go to the flowerbed. Examine it until you get a message about bees, then try to pick the flowers. If you're lucky, you'll get a message about the sting on your arm being "especially angry". If you do, get the bee serum and use it).

New Minor Content
- Some bug fixes, and some minor tweaks to content.
- New testing item command: Genevieve Relationship Report
- Reactivated the Corrupt All Nuns testing item command (Sorry!)
- Significantly changed the "out of birth control pills" message to attempt to increase visibility. I think I know a better way to do it now. Starting with the next update, I'll change important messages to be right-aligned rather than left-aligned, with unique coloring, to make sure they're more visible. Let's call this one a test run.

Report bugs below. Bees are not bugs.

Version See the next post for links.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday (Progress Report)

Every so often, I get up early and get started early. Today is not that day.

Stream was short today because I have a lot of stuff to do in the afternoon. However, I did get the basics of the bee transformation started.

Going to the park will have a non-zero chance to get stung by a bee. You can also almost-certainly get stung by bees by playing with flowers while they're around. If you do get stung by a bee, the stings will hurt for a few days (reducing health by 1 each day until they're healed). If you go to the pharmacy after getting stung, you'll have a couple of options for treating the stings. Bee sting ointment will restore your health and reduce the amount of time you have to wait for the sting to go away by one day, but you have to apply it every day.

The other is a bee serum. Inject and the sting is gone, and get a nice health bonus out of it too, but it's not always available.

However, if you get stung, there's a chance (15%) that you get stung by a "special" bee. If you use the serum on the special bee sting, then you'll start the bee transformation. Once initiated, it can only be stopped by the gene cleansing treatment at the doctor's office, otherwise it will progress all on it's own.

I should have that done by tomorrow, which will hopefully mean a release tomorrow. I do want to add a thing to the testing item too that will report on Genevieve's relationship status, since it seems to be not working 100%, annoyingly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Work (Stream Time)

Work stream is done for the day, woo.

The first interaction with the sister is complete. You have a few options for how to handle her. Some of those options have outcomes that drive her away, some keep her close for the time being, and some send her away only to have her come back, whether for good or for ill. And yes, you can tell her the truth if you want, but that might not be the best idea. After all, if Maria wasn't happy about you explaining everything to your mom, how do you think she'll react to telling your sister everything? Choices, choices...

More stuff from the comments:

- If you want to submit content, you don't need to have any kind of programming ability. You just need to indicate where and how the narrative branches (eg. "If you have the dominant trait, go to this part. If you have the submissive trait, go to that part") and send it in. There's no actual programming that can be done in advance, but since the writing is usually the longest part, having content written beforehand makes adding it in pretty easy. Usually.

- In regards to the Patreon goal for art, yes, I know it's $2,000 a month, and yes, I know that's a lot. It's high for a few reasons. First and foremost, Patreon won't actually let me set a goal that's not monthly, at least, not that I can see. Second, at that point, I would seriously consider doing Cursed (and other game development) full-time, so it's kind of an unspoken goal, mostly because I don't want to 100% commit to it at the moment. And finally, there would be a LOT of art to go into the game, so that goal would give me the ability to get a lot of it.

(Also, I honestly don't expect that goal to ever be reached, know.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Is it Tuesday? (Progress Report)

I am completely exhausted despite sleeping for eight hours, which is usually a bad indicator of...something.

I do want to clarify some things that were brought up by the post yesterday.

In regards to the Patreon goal about art, there would be an art and a non-art version of Cursed available. I already have a good idea of how the art would work, it's just I'm not actually an artist by any stretch of the imagination, so I'd have to get someone to do it for me. Which means money.

Hey look, there's a Patreon thing on the right (my thanks to anonynn).

Request Time: if anyone has a good transformation sequence for a bee TF, please link it to me. I could use the reference.

I wasn't really able to go for very long today, because I just don't feel well, but I was able to get some stuff in place for more family events.

One way or another, the player character had a family before Maria changed them. That's kind of been touched on in the potential event where you can get a letter from your mother about her birthday. But one way or another, whatever you choose to do (or not do), that family doesn't just disappear. Starting on day 65, there's a chance you might get a visit from a young lady you know very well: your sister. Depending on how you handle that little hurdle, she might go away for good, or, she might stick around. And if she does stick around, that may not be a good thing for you.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Work (Progress Report)

Alright, I finally got Mike's first encounter finished, with the exception of the actual arousal reduction for having sex with him, which is just a couple of commands to account for fetishes and then a timer, so no big deal. Goddammit, there's a lot of variation in that first encounter, but I really wanted to take the time to account for a lot of different things, so hopefully I succeeded in that.

That means I can move on to other stuff starting tomorrow, yay. I think I'll leave Mike's subsequent visits for another time. They won't be quite as complicated as his first visit, but the LAST visit (if you choose a particular path in your interactions with him) will be, if only because he'll have a couple of different possible reactions at that point.

Question Time: Fenoxo suggested that I make the Patreon link more visible. What do you think? He also suggested that I use some fanart to fancy the place up, but there's not exactly a lot of that going around.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday (Progress Reports)

Mike's first sexual interaction is ALMOST done, at least. All the possible variations for being a futanari are done, and a lot of the stuff from that can be carried over to the variation if you're not a futanari. But when I looked at the situation and realized that there needs to be a some non-futanari vagina action, my head started to hurt.

It's only about an hour of work left to finish that, so I should be able to finish that on Monday pretty quick (unless I work this weekend, which is not a guarantee), and then Mike's first interaction will be done. Subsequent interactions won't be nearly as bad, as there a lot of "first time" things that happen in the first interaction that can be skipped in subsequent ones.

Since Mike is also the first recurring NPC that you can actually have sex with, I also had to put a few other things into place for the first time, some of which I made up on the fly. There's long been a request for a "dirty talk" trait that I finally started adding. Basically, it's whether or not you encourage your partner during sex, so it's not so much "dirty" talk, but rather just talking like a porn star or something. I will admit that my skill at writing such is pretty awful, but I'm doing my best.

I also added a kind of slap-dash method for determining your vaginal capacity, which is basically your Sex skill. The better your Sex skill, the easier it is for you to take larger dicks into your vagina, more or less. It's not perfect, but it's not the worst either.

And finally, if your inhibitions are high during orgasm, you'll have a quiet, restrained orgasm. If they're middle of the road, you'll have a moaning, groaning orgasm. If they're low, your neighbors are going to hear it.

There's some other stuff that I did, but those are the major modifications I worked on while defining the sexual encounter with Mike.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday (Time for Distractions)

Literally everyone is imposing on my time today. I probably won't be able to stream anything today, but if I get the time, I'll post an announcement here. Sorry.