Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bug Fix

This should fix the major bugs reported, and adds a couple of things.

Bug Fixes
- Skills reports and such should be available again.
- The office party option for the call girl job is now available (it was accidentally locked out).

Feature Added
- Testing Item now has an option to change your name. It will set your male name, then your female name, then set your current name to your female name. This is mostly a stopgap until I figure out why the hell it's messing up (I blame RAGS).



  1. For me, the name resets after 2 sorts of events, it also messes up the dates(sundays were now wednesdays). It would happen when I went to the bar and picked someone up(it only happened that way once, so could've been a fluke). And after major events(getting the security badge from the lab guard, Maria Showing up, etc). Those event's tend to set my sundays to that current day. And one of them reset my name.

    Thanks Anon, gonna try the new update now :3.

    1. I've started a new game every time I play a new version(better for bug testing surely), but for just a normal playthrough not looking for bugs, are there any major risks with importing a save from an older version? I loaded my save from a previous version and it worked, just seeing if there may be anything utterly game breaking.

    2. The name resetting and the messing up of the days happens when you load a gamesave before you chose a male name.
      When you load it after no problems.

  2. Will their be a way to look at your stat amounts later on? Or is that already implemented and I'm just missing it like an idiot..?

    1. If you mean your stats like office work, dexterity, etc, you can right click your character portrait and hit skills and sexuality, it'll show various things: your sexuality, any skills you've picked up(with both current and actual values), traits, your femininity, and inhibitions.

      If you mean your progress on the different tf's, both major and minor, I dont think there is a way, but most have milestone things that happen when you get up in the morning(succubus eyes for example) and you can check the wiki for that tf to see how far along you are.

    2. When I right click it, all I see is examine, Strip, and Status which opens into Vitals, and appearance.

      I don't see what you are talking about, and I have the most recent update.

    3. that's very odd, 5.3.1 was supposed to bring the skills and sex option back, it was lost due to rags crashing on anon. I'd recommend swapping back to version 0.5.2c if you redownload and it still doesnt work, lemme get you a link for that one( )

  3. What exactly are the odds of getting the office party call? I'd gotten it once, wore the wrong outfit (apparently it wasn't business casual, went with one of the outfits from office career. V neck I think) and I've yet to get it since 2 months of calls later. Is it a rare one, or are the RNG gods not in my favor?

    1. I have been save-scumming for a while now, no luck getting it even once. I used the test device to power through the promotions. No idea if there are other requirements to be done first.

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