Friday, May 5, 2017

I made a thing

It's not an update to Cursed, but I spent some today getting an idea out of my head and on to my hard drive. It's called Growing, and deals strictly with giantess themes. Not really all that complex at the moment (there's only one path through the game), but I did a thing so might as well share.


  1. :D Found it on the TFgamessite, came here to check it if was -this- anonymousman who made it.

    Peeking into it now (thanks for sharing :) )

  2. Good to hear from you! I'm a patron of your Patreon and I worried that maybe that thing had happened to you that happens to me where you feel like you owe people something, but then it turns out to be too much, but then you feel like you're letting people down, so you avoid it because you think you have to *really* do something amazing, blah blah blah etc. In case that is still something that plays in the back of your head, know that you don't owe anyone anything and people who are jerks appreciate that sometimes you do stuff for other people for free.

  3. WELCOME BACK!!!! Nice to hear from u!

    How are u? I was totally worried that u died or something similar!

    Is everything going well? Take ur time for new updates for cursed!, it doesnt hurry.
    Its far more important that u are back :)

  4. So happy to see you back! Downloading the new game now!

  5. Good to see you alive! Giantesses aren't my thing but I've been a fan for a while so I'll give it a shot.

  6. Hey cool you're back. I decided to check the blog on a lark like I do every so often with all my favorite hiatus devs.

  7. I am not a big fan of giantesses as well, but the game was fun :)

    Are u planning on new stuff for Cursed! soon?

    And please if u do, fix that bug from the latest version where u just CAN´T pay your rent and loose the game ALWAYS!!!!

    I had to get an older version of cursed that i am still playing, even today :), cause this Game is just to Awesome!!!!

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