Saturday, May 28, 2011


Had a thought about Cursed today (no, it hasn't died, fear not): a tattoo mechanic. I considered tattoos before, but then dropped it when I couldn't think of a way to implement it beyond "you've got a tattoo". Then I figured it out.

Multiple locations for tattoos (currently: upper arm(s), lower arm(s), shoulders, lower back, full back (takes up the shoulders and lower back slots), ankles, neck), and the tattoos themselves, while mundane, inspire different changes in your character. For example, getting the wings tattoo affects your morality changes, boosting positive changes and dampening negative changes. The rose tattoo increases your attractiveness.

Lower back would be reserved for "tramp stamps", which would have unique effects. The tribal tramp stamp, for example, would have a significantly different effect from the "princess" tramp stamp.

Getting lots of tattoos gives you the "Tattooed" trait, which...will have some kind of effect.

None of the tattoos will have game breaker abilities, though. They'll just alter things slightly. A tattoo that increases attractiveness, for example, might add 1 point to attractiveness. A tattoo that alters morality changes might only add one point to a bonus. And the scales are 100 points.

Location would also have a effect. For example, getting a full back tattoo might take up two slots, but it makes the tattoo 100% more effective. Conversely, an ankle tattoo doesn't cost much, but is only 50% as effective as a normally-located tattoo.

Just thoughts. Haven't really finalized anything yet.

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