Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Six plans

So I figured out what I'm going to do for the third (and final) trial. Should be interesting. Suffice to say it will involve quite a few more characters.

I've also decided that day six will be the last "full" day. Day seven will be involved in aftermath and denouement, but there won't be significant interactions available. Well, there will be one specific significant interaction, but since that will end the game, it should be pretty obvious there won't be anything after it.

As for the end of the game, it will be the single most annoying thing I've ever coded. Think that A Game For Witches had a lot of possible variation at the end? This will have significantly more. First, let's just consider a few variables. The whole point of the game is to gain the privilege of making a wish. Sweet, everyone loves wishes. Of course, if you only had one wish available, that wouldn't make much sense, would it? So there's a few different wishes available. Let's say there's...four wishes available (I haven't really decided yet). For each of those four wishes, there has to be a high karma and a low karma variant (for the sake of simplicity, there won't be a neutral karma variant). For three of the four wishes, I'll also have to take into account the choices you've made before. Remember when I said there would be subset choices? Welcome to a combinatorial explosion. Five different options for the main personality choices, and then a total of 12 more subset variations. There will likely be a lot of copy-paste going on in the endings, just so I don't go insane.

But wait! There's more! What about your sexuality (men, women, both)? What if you're in a relationship (Lynn, Jack, no one)? Those have to be taken into account as well. To be fair, those might vary only slightly between different endings, but naturally karma will affect them.

And then there will be the special ending, available only under very specific circumstances. But, since that will be unique and not affected by quite as much, it'll be easier to take care of.

Well, back to work I guess.

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