Monday, June 27, 2011

Something I Really Don't Want To Do

So, here's the deal.

I have a job. It's a job that pays reasonably well, and usually I get by. Unfortunately, the last month as seen my car damn near explode in cost, my only credit card get maxed out from miscellaneous charges, and my life become rather...complicated. And suddenly, I realized that I need help.

You may notice a donation button on the right, and so it is with particular sadness that I'm telling you that I'm doing the internet equivalent to begging. If I'm honest with myself, I'm actually sort of a proud guy, and I really don't like to admit when I'm in over my head. But the problem is that I'm in over my head, and while I'm able to swim, it's only just barely.

I absolutely one hundred percent need to note that this donation thing is completely predicated on the kindness of strangers. There's no bonus for donating. There's nothing I can offer if you decide to throw some money my way. What I can say is that if you choose to donate money, then I won't have to look for a second job, which leaves more time for me to work on games, so I guess that's a bonus of sorts. And that Donate button isn't going to stick around: when I reach the goal in my head ($100), then it disappears, hopefully never to be seen again.

I've actually been thinking about doing this for the last two or three weeks, and each time I decided to do it, I quickly reversed my decision because I don't want to be that guy, the guy that asks for money without offering anything in return. But, while I'm not quite desperate yet, I can see that day inching closer, and it scares me. So I'm biting the bullet, swallowing my pride, and doing what I can to stave it off.

Once again, if you donate, I currently have nothing to offer. I am relying here entirely on the kindness of people I have never met. If you choose to donate, thank you. You are fantastic. If you decide that I'm full of crap, then don't click the button. I will not think less of you.

Edit: This is very much a fluid thing, and I'm really making it up as I go. So here's the deal: if I reach my goal of $100, then I'll do a livestream behind-the-scenes broadcast of Cursed, showing some of the ins-and-outs planned as I rebuild it (more on that later). The Donate button will stay up all week, and if, by some miracle, I reach the $200 mark by Friday midnight Saturday, then I'll do a livestream behind-the-scenes broadcast of Trials of Taihra-Firanae, so that people can see my logic, how things work together, and so on.

Edit 2: My god, you people are goddamn awesome. The Cursed livestream will apparently be tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll have more details soon.

Edit 3: Thanks for the generous donations so far. Tomorrow, at about 12pm Eastern Daylight Time (8am Pacific), I'll start livestreaming here as I try and rebuild Cursed. I'll be streaming for a least an hour, but I may start sooner and it may go longer. I will definitely be streaming from 12 to 1pm, though.

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