Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update 8/18

Mostly bug fixes, but there's some new patrons at the bar.

Major Updates
- None, really

Minor Updates
- Three new patrons to interact with, plus, I temporarily increased the chances of meeting them. Turns out writing these patrons is really time consuming.

Bug Fixes
- Short heels should be working properly maybe?
- Fixed a problem with the makeup kit allowing you to get lots and lots of Non-Natural Charisma increases.
- You should now be able to go home from the bar.
- Sleeping will reset your inebriation to zero, allowing you to drink more.
- Selecting beer will actually get you a beer, instead of telling you that you don't want anything.
- Actually included the command that control drugs with extended effects, like the mind expander lasting a few days, and addiction. Turns out I forgot to add it in.
- The three guys from the intro shouldn't be in the bar anymore...shouldn't being the operative word, there.
- Your lower arm tattoos will now display properly.

Also, I think I finally have enough characters for the bar, so no need to give me anymore. Thanks for the help, everyone.


  1. if you go behind the bar it resets the initial quest with Maria.

  2. So yeah... heels are even weirder now.

    Started a new game, went to the mall as the first thing after the intro, but short heels, went home, but them on, went to the dojo.

    At that point I stood in the foyer still with the heels on and checked my appearance: 0 natural and 0 non-natural charisma

    Then I went to the living room (heels got taken off automatically) and checked again: 0 natural and 1 non-natural charisma

    Went back to the foyer, put the short heels on again manually, checked again: 0 natural and 0 non-natural charisma

    So the short heels now lower my charisma?

    You really need to do some testing on the whole thing yourself I think, at this point it seems pointless for anyone without intimate knowledge of how you programmed it.

  3. @ManKyYen: That's actually working as intended. Until you have enough points in heels skill, wearing heels DOES reduce your non-natural charisma (because you look really weird wearing them). Once you can wear them comfortably, you get no charisma bonus. Once you can wear them expertly, you get a charisma bonus.

  4. Ah, I see. Never quite realised that, makes sense. So it's still just the good old "getting permanent charisma-bonus" bug then.

  5. Don't know if you fixed this or not but when you go back to the bar and f$^@ the man again it loops back to where the witch commands you to go to the bar.

  6. You still need random encounter sugjestions though right?

  7. Suggestion: when looking for a prey at bar, put the "Seduse him/her?" question before the rejection check.
    Like Pick target->Approach them Y/N->If Y Are they seduced Y/N -> If Y sexy times, if N rejection.

    That way you could decide if you even want to approach the prey before being shot down or shotting them down.

  8. Bug report. It looks like you have a variable check backwords. If I have high inhabitions, and low Arousal(can't masterbate) then I can look for a date without drinking anything, however if I have High Inhabitions and High Arousal(or maybe just arousal I have not checked low inhabitions) then I have to get totally drunk to get a date...that seems logically reversed to me.

    Also there does not seem to be any gradiant to it. The second you hit 50 you have to be stone drunk to want a date, and even at 100 arousal you still have to be stone drunk...though that could be because of the bug.

  9. If you haven't put it in yet you might consider that drinking at the bar temporarily lowers inhibitions, which can result in otherwise as-yet unobtainable actions being available. ie, too inhibited to get your nipples pierced? Go get drunk, go to the mall before it closes, and try again.

    Tattoos didn't seem to have any inhibitions. I was able to, a few days in, get any tramp stamp I wanted. I expect you were planning to implement that sort of thing and just haven't gotten to it yet.

    Jewellry, which I haven't seen yet (haven't done a full run-through, sadly) could maybe include clamps and piercing accesories (weights, or different types of piercings). Perhaps something like genital jewellry that isn't a piercing will help make piercings more acceptable to the character after a while. Something like weights could contribute to a masochist score, if such exists.

  10. I noticed that the growth event has a bug in that if you respond with "It's not for me", it says you're supposed to get shorter. Instead, the next day, you wake up 6'6" (regardless of your starting height), and then over the next week shrink to 6'2".