Friday, August 26, 2011

Update 8/26

Finished the security guard, and started on the lab. Unfortunately, the lab needs actual, detailed planning, so I had to stop early today, so I can work on it over the weekend. Note that the list below doesn't seem all that long, and isn't, but individual character interactions are complicated, especially when you're making them lead somewhere.

Major Updates
- None

Minor Updates
- The security guard (Victor) now has his full range of interactions available.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed underwear again. This time brute forced, so it should be working right, goddammit.
- Some typo corrections to parts of Maria's speech, that weren't being colored properly.

Final note: as you can see from the tracker on the right, I'm still about $50 shy of this week's goal. Just as a reminder, if I don't reach the goal by midnight Saturday (EST), then that means no new uploads for next week. And, as always, you can make a request for something to be added to the game when you donate. Reached the goal! Thanks to all donators (and all fans, because you guys are pretty freaking awesome overall). I have received your requests. The following will be added to the game eventually.

- A cursed dildo that lowers arousal more, but carries a risk of pregnancy
- Fertility drugs that increase the chance of getting pregnant
- The bad ending for big breasts will be removed and replaced with something different
- A collar for submissive players

I'll update the requested features page sometime in the next couple of days, with my thoughts on how these may take form.

Also, it's worth pointing out that I am one of the many millions of people in the path of Hurricane Irene. Hopefully it will mostly blow out before it reaches where I live, but if I'm not around on Monday, don't despair, my internet/power may just be out.  If you're wondering what you can do to help those affected by the Hurricane, giving blood is always a good option. Hell, even if you live in Europe, giving blood is a good idea. There's always a need for it.

To anyone else in the path of the hurricane, be safe.


  1. when you reach victor's apartment is there anything to do or this this not coded yet?

  2. I've got the same Problem. Victor's Apartment is a dead End.

  3. Fistly, I hope you're okay, with the hurricane and all. And secondly, i have downloaded Rags 2.2.6 and downloaded the latest version of your game and my .net 4 is fully updated but when i go to play your game it shows an error messege "Sorry, RAGS cannot play this game." Anyone got any suggestions to fix this?

  4. i've had that problem, i just waited until the next updated version of the game was out and ran that and it worked.

  5. found some bugs :
    - windows for your male name at first is unreachable for me so i start with what i supposed is the "default name". Not much a problem because you don't keep that name long ;)
    - a bigger problem is when i reload a save game right at start of the game the arousal counter doesn't appear but the arousal is still going up and visible using the vitals information.
    so nothing serious just annoying things.

  6. just use skip intro, then load your save to get the arousal meter working.

  7. I found a bug with the claddagh ring. when you remove it it stays in your inventory with the remove command, and when you remove it a second time it goes to your jewelry box but drops your non-natural charisma by one more then it gives, so it is possible to make your non-natural charisma into a huge negative number by repeatedly wearing and removing the ring.

  8. Also, the non-natural charisma is constantly going down everyday. Don't think that's normal considering it was -20 in the middle of the second week of work.

  9. some things i noticed
    i loose weight and cant wear any thing and wont let me put it in inventory to take it to the mall guy who does tailoring

    also doing yoga out side on patio naked >? but cant strip in living room kinda seems a bit off
    other than that good game

  10. just noticed the sweat suit so never mind on that but found other issues

    after i get clothes fitted to my new size underwear disappears

    and get dress command does not put on your heels in strip club after work is done