Sunday, October 2, 2011

Character Sheets

Started to do some planning for characters (i.e. persistent NPCs rather than ONS characters) that the player can romance, and realized that I need to do something else first. So, I came up with character sheets in about ten minutes.

Here's a blank one just so you can see how things are planned. Note that I am not asking for new characters, I just want you to see how detailed I'm planning on making things.

Name:                                           Nationality:
Age:                                              Birthday:
Hair: (Color and Length)                Height:
Eyes:                                             Weight: (actual + body shape)
(Relationship) Status:                      Breasts/Penis Size:

Home: Where the character lives, and with who (and what their relationship is with possible roommates)

   Activities: Examples include Physical Activities, Romantic Activities, Loud Activities
   Food: Examples include French, Asian, Greasy, Unrefined
   Places: Examples include Scenic, Remote, Busy, Loud
   People: Examples include Confident, Presumptuous, Rough, Funny


Kinks: The sex traits the character already has.
Developable Kinks: The sex traits the character can develop through the player's influence.
Refused Kinks: Sex traits that will anger the character.

Traits: The normal traits the character already has (note: characters can have unique traits that the player cannot get).
Developable Traits: The normal traits the character can develop through the player's influence.
Refused Traits: Normal traits that will anger the character.

Skills: The skills the character has.
Color: Influences the character's outlook on life. Also influences the color of clothes they tend to wear.


  1. Wow! Looking forward to this! =D

    Three cheers for persistent NPCs!

  2. And then I imagined The Sims xD

    Sounds good though.

  3. Man, this looks awesome. I would imagine this is going to be a colossal effort though. Especially with all the details you're planning.

    Looking forward to it though! :)

  4. That... just makes me want to make a character...

  5. No offense, but... shouldn't you maybe think about finishing some things before adding yet another new feature?

    Like the career paths, for example?

  6. @Kei-chan: Focusing on one thing inevitably makes me want to kill myself out of boredom. But I did work out some new stuff for the eroticism career path. It's not as innovative in regards to the game, that's all.

  7. Nice idea.
    Your game is great, thanks to put so much work in it.

  8. @Dave about Focusing. I know what you mean about focusing on one thing making you just get board. You do this because you love it, so just do whatever you want. (Please just don't fall into the trap of doing it *whenever* you want. I know about procrastination too. I don't know how you and Fenoxo keep working so diligently, but I love it.)