Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update 10/18

That did not go how I planned, but at least I got a lot of the important/annoying stuff out of the way.

Edit: Forgot to activate the new testing item command. Re-uploaded the game at 3pm EST. No version # update.

Major Updates
- The tailor now has three options. These options are always available: you don't have to wait until you get the "clothes don't/barely fit" message anymore.
   - Get Current Clothes Tailored: tailors only the clothes you are currently wearing. Costs $10.
   - Get Clothing Group Tailored: tailors all clothes within a specific clothing group (slutty, professional, etc.). Costs $40
   - Get All Clothes Tailored: tailors all your clothes. Costs $100

Minor Updates
- The fight club event is now slightly more likely, and you will only encounter it once.
- The hair color change event is now slightly less likely.
- New testing function: Set For Next Promotion. Only works on the Eroticism career currently.

Bug Fixes
- The period bug has been fixed! Here's what happened and why not everyone was reporting it: after you talk to Maria on day 17, there's a switch that activates so that periods happen normally. Which is exactly as intended, except when you asked Maria a specific question ("is my "equipment" fully functional" to be precise), the timer for the period check would active and run every turn. So, naturally, that would just screw everything up. However, I was, with the help of some submitted save games, able to pinpoint the cause and finally, finally fix it. REJOICE!
- Found the problem with the stripper job. Skipping the "intro" day (the first Monday) would prevent the game from setting certain flags. Fixed (though if you miss the intro day now, your job performance will take a hit).
- Werewolf transformation is now working as intended. No cool explanation here, just a stupid programming thing.


  1. 3 of the big bugs. Cool beans. Hopefully I can actually find the fight club now too.

  2. I don't see the new option on the testing item. Also in a new game where I did nothing but advance day until Maria visited I was unable to wear underwear because of my unchecked period forever after, without asking the functional question.

  3. The job promotion test item doesn't seem to be working right for the Eroticism career. I tried using it before leaving the club. But even if it worked fine, it doesn't resolve our largest problem: character stats.

    Pretty please, could you restore the export and import test items, with the new character stats included? I very much prefer character export/import over job promotion because it will save each of us tens of thousands of clicks (perhaps even millions of clicks for all of us!), the decision making, and allow us to avoid bugs in RAGS save game import.

    Yes, RAGS's ability to import our saves from a previous version is broken. I have tested it by migrating my 10/14 hooker to 10/17, which supposedly fixed some hooking events. But much to my dismay, I came across the incomplete blow job scene again.

    After restarting my character over again, hitting private dancer for at least a dozen times and a hooker once, I am tired with going through the tedium of growing my character. And I think there are others who feel the same. Perhaps it may be just a coincidence, but none of the named members at the wiki have touched the wiki or commented here in days. Without the export/import, I think most casual players are going to be playing through a session after your last update on Friday. That is what I found myself doing.

    Until the problem with RAGS's ability to handle game updates is properly resolved, character export/import, Set For Next Promotion and Anonymous Donation (to restore lost purchases) will help save our investments in this fun game.

    I hope I have gotten my point across. Thank you for this wonderful game.

  4. Are normal pregnancies fully implemented? I just used the test device to advance to the end of my pregnancy, got a message saying I needed to make preparations for it, but I couldn't figure out what to do. Attempting to wait longer did nothing, and the weeks pregnant stat didn't advance beyond that point.

  5. @pregnant anonymous

    Pregnancy hasn't yet been finished. So it stops at 36 weeks. There is a lot to finish yet, but AM is working on it when he can.

  6. I am finding it ridiculously hard to get promotions at the strippers. I have been doing the job for over a month, never had a bad days, and just a few okay days. I am getting "Looks like you're doing pretty well in your current position. Not great, but pretty good.", for over 2 weeks and it hasn't changed. I have never had it this bad and I usually have at least one promotion by now. It's making it pretty hard to pay rent and afford anything else.

  7. @Previous Commenter
    Which promotion? What are your stats? What are you doing differently (if anything)? I need more details to know what to fix.

  8. Piercings will not go back into the jewelry section after you take them off and put them back on. Earring is the only exception. Everything else is tagged (worn) but just sits in your inventory, instead of inventory -> jewelry

  9. Piercings will not go back into the jewelry section after you take them off and put them back on. Earring is the only exception. Everything else is tagged (worn) but just sits in your inventory, instead of inventory -> jewelry

  10. Going for a jog doesn't remove your sneakers when you automatically head to the shower. Also, would it be too much to have jogging not set your last worn shoes to them? It's a little inconvenient to manually wear my regular shoes after every outing.

  11. Could you return the increase arousal command it was very useful.

  12. The promotion from Novice Stripper to Stripper is broken somehow. All three qualifications (Fitness, Dancing skill and "Poise"(Charisma) ) are met, and the general overview says that Alice is pretty pleased, but leaving the club doesn't trigger the promotion event. Using the Testing item to "Set for next promotion" doesn't seem to cause the event to trigger properly either.

  13. On a related note, I think I remember you saying something about the desk job at the Nines working for inhuman pregnancies, and that didn't happen either. Being pregnant at the time the promotion was SUPPOSED to happen, I can't help but wonder if the two bugs are linked...

  14. I also have not been able to get Set for next promotion to work either.