Thursday, November 10, 2011

Long Stream Time!

Well, things were going pretty well, until Livestream decided to quite literally crap out on me. I've opened a support ticket as quite literally nothing is making the stream work. Extremely annoying.

However, I will do a longer than usual stream tomorrow to make up for it. If LS comes back up at some point, I'll try to get back into things.

Bug Fixes
- The Lactation Accident event will now fire as intended.
- Tampons will now be properly used if needed and as long as you have some.
- Nursing bra is now properly affected by the Strip Naked and Get Dressed commands, which means you shouldn't have any problems at the beach with it either.
- Typos.

Known and Unsolvable Errors
- Clothing appears to have been glitched to hell by the update to I've submitted a bug report so that it's hopefully corrected in the next engine update, but until it's fixed, you'll need to remove clothing and such to prevent wearing two similar outfits at the same time. I know this is less than ideal, but this is something I really can't fix. Sorry.

Other News: The 12 hour stream goal has been reached! We're now working towards the 24 hour goal, and I'll let you know when the 12 hour stream happens. If I can get a day off in the next month or so, I'll do it pretty soon.


  1. You should implement anal for sure. Those gangbang scenes aren't really complete without a cock up the girl's arse. Don't let your own prejudices interfere in creating a good thing. You know who else gave in to his prejudices? Hitler.

  2. The yesterday upgrade and the today upgrade have both 29.188kb.
    guess the upgrade leads tot he wrong link.


  3. It says 11/10 now but it still has the old link on mediafire I think.

  4. Anon#1, if he doesn't want to, Why should we force him? You know who else forced peoples? Stalin.

  5. I see Godwin's Law is still alive and well.

  6. Quick bug for you - when Maria comes to ask you if you are in or out, when you say in, you can no longer leave the bedroom.

    Having said that, this game is fantastic - thank you, and I will be leaving you a donation, (If I do could add a request for stocking - I so love nylons!? :) )

  7. Anon 1. I swear that was one of the most ill-conceived attempts at persuasion I have ever seen.
    Not only a Hitler mention, which makes the argument asinine by default, but you more or less blatantly insulted him (your comment essentially reads as "U HAZ STOOPID PREJUDIS")

  8. Charlotte - you just have to read her note, then you can leave. Not a bug :P

  9. 11/10
    - Bug fixes only. Sorry.

    Still leads you to the 11/9 link from mediafire


  10. You are right (I am a fool)! Once more thanks for the game hon :)

  11. Can't start a fight at the fight club

  12. Anon number something: Wow, that's weird. It's exactly what I wanted my comment to mean. I couldn't give a rat's arse what's in this game, I just thought the reasons he stated for not implementing some things are dumb as shit.