Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update 11/9

Note: RAGS engine updated to Still available at the link on the right.

Very short stream today. Feel awful. Gonna go play games until I feel better, pass out, or have to go to work.

Major Updates
- Nursing bra now available at the maternity store. You must be lactating in some degree to buy it. Wearing it will increase lactation (2 points per time period).
- New event: Lactation Accident. If you are strongly lactating (lactation > 60), and have not milked, you will see this event occur any time you have a chance to see a random travel event. Two variations, one for wearing the nursing bra, and one for not.

No other updates.


  1. Fairly bad bug. I went to the beach wearing the one piece. Then got kicked home in the evening. One-piece isn't in my inventory, but now I can't wear any underwear or the waitress uniform. Says I must remove the one piece first.

    I also can't leave the club without working on the first day so I'm stuck.

  2. Still on the Air?

  3. i have a bug too when u update then game all the computer softwares aren't available to use and i can buy another copy of it,oh and the same thing for the clothes thing with me except its with any clothing.Anyway the game is still really good.

  4. Posted in the wrong area...

    Bug: Clothing is completely broken. It's possible to wear several articles of clothing meant for the same spot but once you do, you can't remove any of it.

  5. @ anons above. Was already wrong in the prev. version.
    I had that by accident. I wore the fishnet-dress, and the robe. Both of 'em wanted me to remove the other one first.
    I also discovered that if I used the 'strip' command (player-field), inside a strip-able location, of course, it'd remove one, enabling me to remove the other, too.

    However, I do agree that this bug would be best of, squashed.

  6. Bug:
    Of course, the thought that someone was walking you, naked, on the treadmill, your big breasts jiggling with each step...oh man, you need a cold shower. Or some personal time...

    Should be: someone was watching you,

    (Location: Treadmill While naked)

  7. tampons are broken