Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update 12/6

Short stream, but important groundwork laid.

Major Updates
- The doctor's office is much more fleshed out, particularly the OB/GYN option. He'll now comment on "use", pregnancy and some other stuff. One thing I want to do is have him comment on transformations during checkups. And I just realized that I forgot to have him comment on futa status beyond pointing it out (he'll comment on size, basically, in the future).

Minor Updates
- Groundwork laid for pregnancy and birth (see above, plus some other stuff). If I hadn't already said I would be working on relationships on Thursday, that's what I'd be working on.

Bug Fixes
- Penis size can now be changed. Forgot to activate the command at the end of the day.
- A lot of other bug fixes that I did over the weekend that I've completely forgotten about now.

Known Bugs
- There's a problem with knee-high socks that I completely forgot about.

12 hour stream is Thursday! I'll be starting at 9:30am EST, and going until at least 9:30pm EST. I'll probably take a few breaks for games, but I'll be streaming the whole time. If there are technical difficulties, I will make up the time on Friday. But hopefully there won't be technical difficulties.

Also, we're more than 3/4 of the way to the 24 hour stream! Excitement! Remember, that particular goal is the end of the year, with the 24 hour stream tentatively planned for the first two weeks of January, assuming we reach the goal. And I'll be donating at least $100 to Child's Play as well.


  1. whats kinda sad is that we didn't get the 24 stream where we work you TO DEATH dundundun, sorry i had to do it

  2. But we still can get it? Just donate 230 bucks and everything fine. Both the 12 hours and the 24 hours stream were meant seperatly. The 12 hour one is in 2 days. The other one depending on incoming donations hopefully in January.

  3. Hey man, seriously nice of you to donate :) Good for your Karma ;)

  4. i wasn't sure if he would still be working on this or not by then o.o well he just posted about the twoweeks ^^ soo hopefully we get it, sadly i am broke and can't right now

  5. The succubus transformation appears to be completely overwriting the futa changes. Penis disappears when the former spams traits on to the player. Unable to confirm if growth was actually occurring, can you share the intended rate with us?

  6. Could you add a reduce weight tool to the tool list i hate having an inevitable slide into obesity.

  7. The special outfit doesn't get removed when you sleep. (This could be because I was using a slightly older save game, too.)

  8. The doctor just told my lesbian character to look into birth control. I was amused.

  9. if the Penis size is changed by the stuff that gives it to you then it's still broken

    this is a new save so it can't be blamed on that

  10. Unable to get a change to the penis size as well, tried spending an in-game month just buying the 'milk', and did a favour to monica at the end of the month, still no result.

    It does give the text regarding getting hard when drinking the milk, and suddenly ejaculating after the encounter with monica.

    My character did have some claws from the lithe pill though, but that was the only irrelevant transformation that had happened.

  11. My game appears to be bugged =( When I load my old save, none of the apartment buttons show up. I can't leave the bedroom.

  12. my RAGS says that the RAGS file is unreadable. I have I don't think there is a newer version of RAGS I need, do I? Is this happening to anybody else?