Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long Stream Details

So the long stream is tomorrow. Twelve delightful hours of streaming.

The plan is to begin around 10am EST. There will be a short break at about 7pm EST, as I have to pick up my wife from work, but until that counter reaches 12 hours (total), I'll be here. In this chair. Coding. Or playing games.

But mostly coding.

If it's anything like the last long stream I did, I'll slowly be going crazy around the 9 hour mark, so if that's all your interested in, tune in then. Also, remember that the stream is limited to 50 viewers, and I hit that cap within two hours last time, so get in early to guarantee a seat.

As a personal favor to me, if you step away from watching the stream for an extended period of time, please let someone else take your spot. And if you have a question, but can't view the stream (and therefore can't hear me), please let me know so that I can answer your question properly.

1 comment:

  1. I don't like the 'get dressed' system. First of all, it's buggy. I now have sandals and fishnet stockings in my inventory that I am not wearing and that I can't do anything with except examine. Also, it is slow to execute, sometimes taking up over 10 or 15 seconds to complete. Why don't you just have commands like "Dress for Work", "Dress for Exercise", "Dress Casual" and "Dress Sexy" or something else, each one corresponding to a 'drawer' that you can put clothes in that would be equipped with that command.