Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update 1/15, Bug Fixes

Donation goal for the week has been reset, woo.

Bug Fixes
- Nun outfit is now part of the Casual clothing group, and can be tailored.
- Weird chemical resets every day after drinking it.
- Sandals, strappy sandals, and strappy heels will now be worn properly when going home from the beach.
- The Get Dressed command now puts on the floral print dress properly.

Could Not Reproduce
- The Get Dressed command puts on the purple belted dress as intended. Couldn't find a problem with it.

Not A Bug
- The nun outfit doesn't have a description. I haven't put one in yet.


  1. Yeah,

    I'm especially awaiting for the new transformation patch. As some guys noted, the potion does not refill.

  2. Friend rec'd the game to me, and I'm just wondering, is there any way to get around the first sex thing at the bar after being transformed? It really really feels like rape to me. Situation rape to be specific.

    1. There's no way to avoid the actual action occurring, no. There's a justified in-universe reason for the act that hasn't been explained yet (in-game or otherwise) that pretty much requires it. However, if you want to skip the scene itself, there is an option to do so, and you do have the option of pointing out that it is, basically, mind rape, which changes how your character starts the game a bit.

    2. I see. Thanks for letting me know. Well, sorry to say I don't think I'll try out the rest of the game, that part just squicks me too hard/too rapey for me. Not sure how the rest of the game goes as haven't played past that, and would rather not have that as backstory (would only just make the whole game 'how can I get revenge on the one who forced into that' and unfun. In any case, I wish you well in your work.

  3. dunno if anyone else has pointed it out, but the get dressed command at the strip club is still borked. specifically it always makes you put on the fishnet stockings whether you wore them to work or not. also its not really a problem but when you go the the beach it makes you strip all of your jewelry off to change into your suit, even your piercings, which doesn't make much since. i could understand taking off necklesses and rings and the like but i doubt you would want to take off your clit ring at the beach... sorry for the story. :P

  4. Right now the robot transformation has one stage, and apart from the description when you wake up nothing else happens. Is this intentional?

  5. I say... the ''weight gaining/losing'' system need some tweaking, or something...

    Even though I keep 'Going for a walk' like 1-2per day, plus 'Going Jogging'+'Treadmill'+using the 'Weight Kit' each day, plus occasionally some 'Tai Chi, at the Dojo' and some 'Exotic Dance lessons, at the Mall'... and also the Weight Gain Powder (seriously, what the heck is the idea to make the Weight Gain/Loss Powder inverted ?!)... and I ALSO put my 'Diet, at Light'...

    Even with ALL that... I keep getting fatter and fatter !

    I do drink my own milk once or twice a day, from the Breast Pump, but ?really?... drinking milk ONCE or twice make you as fat as a damn whale, EVEN with all that exercise and diet stuff ?

    ............(sigh) It's just that it's quite annoying when you follow the 'Stripper job' path. Virtually impossible to get a promotion.

    ...I would have a suggestion (aside from tweaking/fixing the Weight-thing.
    -When you go at the ''Doctor's Office'', there should be an option for diminishing your weight, you know... a liposuction ? We have the 'Breasts Enhancement' option, so why not that ?

  6. For some reason whenever it comes to sex now my character never gets the option to use the condom, even though she has about 30 of them in her purse. Also she managed to make it to mid june without ever having a period.

  7. A bug ?

    After I get this stage, in the Cow Transformation :
    >You have large black spots all over your body, like birthmarks, only much bigger.

    I apparently get a *second* time, this line (one after the other) in my description :
    X2 >Your stomach bulges slightly just above your waist, thanks to your new, fully functional udder. It makes you look pudgy, but it's relatively easy to conceal, as long as you don't wear clothes that are too tight.

  8. @nova dunno what's up with your char, but I do all the same stuff minus the weight powder and my char is in excellent shape, not fat at all...

  9. The weight powders are NOT inverted... both of them makes you fat. And are supposed to. (the loss one is a scam)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Weight LOSS powder has been removed from the next build. Weight GAIN powder will stick around.

      Too many problems with people not getting the joke.

    3. (minor edit)
      Sooooo... the guy is just ''trolling''(for a lack of a better word) us for some unknown, most unnecessary, and very not-funny reasons ?

      There's really no way to justify 2 Items that don't serve the purpose they SHOULD have.

      ......(sigh)...But, in any case, I still say that there should be a 'weight option' with the Doctor.