Monday, February 13, 2012

Request Features Updated

As part of a resolution to stay more on the ball, I've updated the Requested Features page. As always, if you don't see your request, please let me know so I can add it.

I'm also going to try to respond to any outstanding emails today, so if you have a question or something, today's the day to let me know.

Finally, the weekly donation goal has been updated. It's a little lower than usual this week, because you people are so freaking awesome.


  1. does black one-piece corset work?

  2. I don't have any money to donate to your ongoing development, and for that I'm truly sorry, but I had a couple recommendations that you can feel free to ignore, if you'd like. Being a writer, some things occured to me that might dramatically enhance the experience. As well, I thought I'd ask regarding a main-story event that seems to not be advancing for me.

    1) The event where you're asked by Maria to help out Stephanie, the blonde on a downward spiral. The first event played out in its fashion, with it rapidly and uncontrollably escalating to a girl-on-girl sexual romp in the restroom. Any subsequent visits to the bar no longer allow me to interact with her. Is this a dead end? Or am I running into a bug which is not yet reported?

    2) Some variety would be nice on the buffet line of men or women you have the opportunity to seduce. It's just the college student, Asian guy, pharmacist, divorcee`, and blow-job guy, presently. It would be nice to throw in some additional ethnicity options, as well as possibly allowing a "Look Around for Dates" option, which would display who's around the bar, and allow you to choose who you approach.

    As well, having the option to go to more than just a bar would be nice. Gets REALLY repetitve. Perhaps add in a night-club(where dancing or sitting at the bar will have you be approached, instead of always having to approach them yourself), but still allowing you to browse, with the same sort of updated predatory features.

    It would also be nice to be able to date some of them, instead of just continuous one-night stands. Could lead to you moving in with them, or them with you, or perhaps even moving into a new home or apartment together, as well as marriage, children, and the like. You ARE stuck as a woman, so why not start living your life more than just one night at a time?

    As well, when you go out on the prowl, you should be able to pack a bag of some sort, and give the option to pack up hygiene stuff and clothing, so that you can stay at their place after a one-night stand, should they ask, based on a variable that considers your relationship with them, or the type of person they are,e.g. Alan, the nice divorcee`, asking you, "You're leaving?"

    Why do you have to? If he wants you to stay, perhaps you could use that as a starter for a potential relationship. Really opens the door to some new more immersive possibilities. Just my thoughts, as I said.

  3. 3) Had you thought at all about expanding the time-scale at all, to go hour by hour(or half by half), instead of just blocks of time? That way, you don't run on the treadmill for two hours, then do yoga for two hours, then pose in the mirror for two hours, then head to work.

    I think a lot of things could be optimized in that regard. Really appreciated that getting ready for work - showering, make-up, hair, getting dressed - doesn't steal a time block, as it allows you to make more use of your time with necessary activities to improve yourself. That was very nice of you.

    However I think that the additonal time blocks would be nice, and could really help immerse the person in a day-to-day routine. The waitress/dancer jobs are a good example of this. Go to work, serve one table of patrons, go home. Go to work, do one pole dance, and one lap dance, go home.

    I think you could really open up the play-style(and the opportunities provided by the experiences in the game) by making it so that for the first hour, you do your set, then go hang out with a table of men, and give one a private dance at his request. Then you return to the floor for the second hour, do another set on stage, then have a high-rolling patron ask you for some private time in one of the rooms, which could entail any number of things.

    If you've ever known dancers personally(I assume you're a man, having it be "AnonymousManGames," and not a woman), you know that there's a whole sea of social dysfunction there by which to potentially give some variety to the player. Solicitations by patrons to do private parties and bachelor parties at third-party locations, offers to go out on dates, and even the occasional pimp or madame coming through to find new girls to hit the streets, or operate behind closed doors.

    Also, the bulletin board thing alludes to your character being too eager to take her clothes off on stage, instead of teasing a bit before getting down to business. Had you considered making that part interactive, even allowing you to select stage/pole/patron for a sequence on stage, during which you can shed or keep on various items of clothing? Maybe even let them toss their bra in a patron's face, to shine them on?

    As well, the lack of additional dancer outfits steals something. That's a potential cornucopia of possibilities, even if only to change it up a bit, and give the illusion of variety. Mind you, that could also play into the progression of undressing on stage.

    Prostitution line is the same way, though I have yet to try the Escort line. Been busy in development of a rather advanced modification of Skyrim on PC, lately, as well as having very little time to get online in general. Been spending a lot of time with my daughter, and looking for more gainful employment than I presently have.

    These might be avenues to explore, since that seems to be the career path that's presently seeing the most development, and I thought some in-depth suggestions might be a good way to help you break up the monotonous nature of retouching the same general stuff over and over. Allow you to get really creative, and perhaps make it more fun.

    Anyhow, as I said, you can ignore all of this if you desire, since I'm not a financially contributing member, but I hope it's helpful to you, since you seem to be a solo act. I know a lot of times, when I work, it's nice to hear input from outside sources. A lot of collaboration goes on in the modding community, and I know I always appreciate support and a few suggestions from others.

    Thanks for a really fun, and very addictive game, and I wish you the best of luck!

    Oh, and by the way, as a writer, I think you're doing a fantastic job. Not easy to be a one-man show.