Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update 2/14

The people have spoken.

Major Updates:
- Pregnancy effects (temporarily swollen breasts, massive hormone swings) are now in the game. There's a 35% chance of something happening each morning of your pregnancy: either stretch marks, swollen breasts, or massive hormone swings.
- Restricting underwear, revealing underwear, and black one-piece corset can now be worn. They do not yet have full descriptions, and their special effects are not yet in the game, because they are special events that significantly change the game.

Minor Updates:
- Underwear no longer cares how fat or fit you are. If you gain or lose weight, you will get to keep your underwear. Breast size still counts, and underwear is still thrown out if you can't get it on.
- New item: cocoa butter. Used to diminish the effects of stretch marks. Note that you don't need to use it, but stretch marks reduce your Natural Charisma by 3 if you don't.

Bug Fixes:
- Shifted some stuff around for the pregnancy effects to hopefully make them more consistent.
- Robots can no longer be pregnant. If you are pregnant, you can't advance Robot TF beyond 40. If you are a robot, the game does not even bother checking to see if you become pregnant from sex.
- You can now check mail any time after it is delivered (Early Afternoon to Late Night).

Download link here.

EDIT: Something seems to have gone wonky with a bunch of different systems that were working fine before. I think I know why, but I don't know exactly how. I'm going to try to fix them, but the more bug reports, the better.


  1. How about having a breast milking action, without using the pump... like as a masturbation action that is not as effective of reducing milk, but more fun in the bedroom. Also, were breast fetish increases ever added to the breast pump? It's way too hard to get that trait.

    1. Using the breast pump does NOT increase the breast fetish trait. I might change it in the future but for now it seems kind of counter-intuitive, at least to me...

      Also, the masturbation-milking idea is pretty good. Wouldn't be hard to add, I don't think...

  2. I haven't tried one of the updates since 2-9, so I don't know if you fixed it (But, you haven't commented on it). However, as I mentioned once a few weeeks back, the 'set for promotion' for 'nude model' doesn't meet the requirements.

    I figured out why, though:

    The requirements need the player to have an inhibition of less than 60 (So 59 or below). However, the 'set for promotion' feature only puts inhibitions at 60. Basically, it only works if the player uses it and then does something to drop inhibitions by at least 1 point.

  3. I started a new game (yay updates! =D)

    I tried to go to sleep was told my arousal was to high. Went to the bar and slept with Laura, my arousal went from 100 to 40. Now I can't sleep though because my arousal is to high but I can't masturbate either.

    1. That would be because Laura is kind of incomplete. That'll teach me to half implement something...

  4. Bugs so far:
    Going to the Beach seems to interfere with the "Get Dressed for Work" command somehow: It worked fine from the beginning of the game, but after going to the beach, it no longer equips an outfit, only shoes. Perhaps the Swimsuit occupies the same "Slot" as the Stripper outfits, thus trying to equip that, but can't because it's not there...?

    You're gonna flip the table at this one...
    Tampon-underwear issues: After going on my period and using tampons, at some point (I'm not sure because I only noticed this later) my Tie-up panties were unequipped from me, but stuck in my inventory. Used the "Strip everything" option on the Testing Item, which placed them back in my dresser with only "Examine" (And not "Wear"), but it also placed "Club Clothes," "Elegant Dress," and "Flirty Clothes" into my closet... I tried to re-create the bug using my other set of underwear (Sports Bra and Boyshorts), but went through the day without issue. Possibly related to going to the beach...?

    Checking the mail: Early in the game, it would give a "The mail only comes once" message even if it was the first time checking that day. After getting the non-junk mail item (Or one of them, if there's more than one), attempting to check the mail displays nothing but the bold headline of the action taken. (No event text)

    Underwear still discarded when losing weight (Probably when gaining, too): Pretty self-explanatory. No change in behavior of underwear.

    That's all I've noticed so far. As usual, great game, and keep up the good work! =3

    1. 1) Not really a bug, per se, so much as a missed command: as it turns out, though the Get Dressed For Work command was working before, it now appears to only be working for the waitress job. Fortunately, it's a pretty easy fix.

      2) I'm not sure exactly what the bug you're reporting is...can you clarify? Is it a period bug, or is it referring to the clothes that are accidentally placed in your closet or...?

      3) After the day 25 letter, the mail is kind of inactive. I could put a message about junk mail, but I don't want people to think there's something else right now.

      4) The white cotton bra and panties, sports bra and panties, tie-up bra and panties and white corset and panties weren't properly modified. Fixed.

    2. 2) Well, the original bug was the underwear being in my inventory but not worn, somehow related with periods and possibly the beach. I admit I don't have much information on it since as I said, I only noticed it later, and couldn't reproduce it the next day.

      The stuff about "Strip all" adding outfits was an aside about another strange issue, and has the feel of a missed "break" in a "switch" statement (After stripping everything, it goes on to do the actions of another command), but I'm not sure if that's how things work in RAGS, so... ^^;

      4) This reminded me that the Lacy Black Underwear was broken as well. It would always not fit (and be discarded), even just after being bought.

  5. noticed 2 things, getting dressed command with the corset or regular underware prevents putting on the purple belted dress depecting it as too small around the bust,

    as soon as you get pregnant, exact day after the conseption, you get stretch marks!

    1. 1) Is it ONLY with the purple belted dress? No other clothes?

      2) Are you sure about that? The timer is only supposed to run after week 15 of the pregnancy. I changed it anyway just in case, but I can't imagine why it's doing that.

  6. I am sure this as been answered somewhere before but how do you import a saved game into a new version?

  7. I hope this is all moving towards some sort of breeder class.

  8. I'll confirm the early stretchmark bug. Also, the cocoa butter can't be bought. It says something about not needing it to do Maria's magic or something? You CAN apply it from the mall though. When you do, it repeats the message that cocoa butter has diminished the stretchmarks every day from then on. I also never got any other messages about mood swings or breast growth after that.

    The get dressed for work command just doesn't seem to remember which of the two outfits you wore.

    1. Ok the two messages are:
      "You don't really have a use for cocoa butter. Maria's wonderful magic makes sure that any unnatural changes won't negatively affect your skin." when trying to buy.

      "You notice that your stretch marks have faded. Maybe that cocoa butter really does work." when waking up every morning.

  9. Putting on the Lacy Black Underwear using one of the Get Dressed command deletes due to you "swimming in it" if your weight has decreased from the initial value.

  10. Im getting the message about stretch marks right when i get pregnant and you dont need to actually buy the cocoa butter because in the store it has the option to use it

  11. *Is too lazy to set up an account anywhere*

    One of the bugs I found was when I updated from 1-31 to 2-14, I lost all my phone number contacts I had (Maria's Thief Contact, Drug Dealer, and Genevieve). Also.. About the day 25 mail: Will that still work if I'm 2 months in on a different save I used? AKA: My updated one. I don't wanna go through 25 days and waste the time if I'm not gonna get it. May as well start a new game.

    1. Oh, and I just found another one while starting up the game. When Maria first confronts you after you change into a girl, this quote isn't in green. I know it's not a bug, but I thought I'd point it out.

      "It would seem you're not the casanova you believe yourself to be, if you weren't able to get anyone's phone number last night. Oh, well, I guess it just means...well, let's continue on to the next step, shall we?"