Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't be discouraged

I think I'm getting my second wind.

Last week was a nightmare. Between the cat potentially getting sick (which she was not, it was just a hairball that I didn't see and I overreacted), and getting a bill from my university about owing a metric crapton of money due to a mistake on my part (which has since been cleared up), it's a miracle I don't have an ulcer*.

But I've actually been sketching out new content the last few days. Which hasn't actually happened in...well, quite a few days. Combined with the fact that my Saturdays just cleared up for the summer (which is actually a bad thing, since that means I get paid less money), and I'm thinking it's time to build some momentum**.

The new stuff that I've been sketching out is some Lydia relationship stuff (I find her far more interesting to contemplate in terms of complexity than Genevieve), and also some transformation changes. Currently, transformations don't really do much; they're cosmetic. That's all well and good, but it's kind of dull.

Well, no more. Once I finish with this update, the next one will focus entirely on a transformation revamp. In addition to the cosmetic changes associated with an inhuman transformation, there will also be some additions to gameplay.

For example, catgirls. Cats are curious and playful creatures. So a catgirl will find fun in everything they do, which means that their arousal will go up less. However, they're also easily distracted, so skill training is harder for them. They're instinctively neat creatures, so cleaning the apartment is easier. They're great sleepers, so they can catch a catnap and reduce arousal slightly. No one really likes to hear a cat caterwauling, so catgirls will have their music skill limited to 75 and get no bonuses from singing. They have litters of kittens, so multiple pregnancy chance will go up by 20% and can't go below 20%.

Things like that. It'll be different for each transformation, so that becoming a catgirl offers a significantly different experience from, say, dragon. If you want to be a cowgirl, for example, you might want to avoid the eroticism career, or get through the dancing parts quickly, since cowgirls (especially with udders) are not the most graceful beasts, and can't increase dancing above 50. Robot-girls find it difficult to become aroused, but once they are aroused, they find it difficult to lower it, and they don't learn new skills easily, gaining only one skill point a day.

I think it will make things more interesting, and provide an incentive for avoiding transformations. I've only got about half of them planned out yet, with dragon, succubus and wings still pending. And I haven't forgotten about the dog TF requested, I just haven't gotten around to it.

*To top it all off, I'm also trying to learn a new programming language, sketching out a new, non-adult game, and putting together a plan to make an actual game for commercial production. Oh, and schoolwork, my job, and spending time with my wife and friends. It's a busy life.
**There is one little problem with that, and that's that I'm right in the middle of the last week of classes for two courses, which mean huge papers are due!


  1. Very cool, I look forward to seeing what gameplay changes each transofrmation offers... can we also please get a function added to the testing item for adding perks and/or adding perks to the data brought across with the importing function though?

  2. New programming language ?

    I know you said that it was for a non-CURSED project,
    but I sure hope you will be able to move CURSED from RAGS eventually.

    If you aren't already, consider getting laid. Helps with the tension bit.

    1. Cursed isn't moving from RAGS. The sheer amount of work to move it to another engine would drive me insane.

  3. Woohoo!
    I hope you'll be fleshing out the werewolf transformation, too, or create a seperate wolf transformation.

    I'll be anticipating your next update.


  4. I wonder what the status changes for dragon tf's would be. They like to hoard gold, so maybe increased arousal if funds go below a certain threshold, or they buy things at the mall or one a date. They're also very strong, so easier strength increase.

  5. Ah, so this is just becoming another dating sim for furfags. Apparently there weren't enough of those already.

    1. Congratulations! You have missed the point!

    2. I know that Cursed is a TF game, but I do hope that you'll throw a few bones for those of us who are in it solely for the TG in the coming weeks. Or at least fix the few clothing bugs (missing descriptions, unable to wear stripper wear that you took home, and some unbought clothes mysteriously appearing in your closet when you become a callgirl). I'd like to know what the French maid outfit looks like and how our various underwear, or the lack of, effects it.

      In any case, I'm glad you're feeling better.

      - Anonymous 2

  6. Glad to hear that things have sorted themselves out. I started work on a Skyrim companion mod - and was asked to collaborate with some people from both the Nexus and LoversLab communities - and real life bitch-slapped me, and I haven't been able to work on it since, so I understand what that's like.

    I'd like to ask for an option to disable furry transformations, or to introduce a way to reverse furry and hermaphroditic transformation. I'm not certain if the clear liquid you get from the dealer is supposed to clear up those changes, but it presently doesn't. If I use it, it doesn't do anything to actually normalize any potential transformations.

    Figured I'd mention this, since you're going to be working in that area. Specifically, I somehow ran into a partial cow transformation, and a partial cat transformation, and couldn't get back to normal, no matter what I tried.

    This bothers me, since the character is supposedly malleable. Does malleable sudden mean, "shapeable and reinventable, but only in one direction?" I don't think that was intended, so I thought I'd raise the issue.

    The only other thing I'd ask would be regarding the "winged" transformation. I'd love to see a sort of angelic transformation, which could really offer a lot of side-story diversion. Anything from unique employment opportunities to a sort of crime-fighting persona. Something focused on modified arousal and satisfaction, due to the altered nature of the angelic being.

    I ask for this, because people always want the succubus, but always neglect the alternative, which is a character which is born of light, instead of darkness. A giver, instead of one who feeds on sexual energy. I was thinking that perhaps there could be some unique powers that go along with it, just like with other TF's.

    Maybe increased fertility, a passive to help with health, possibly a passive that improves natural beauty in a more profound way, based on purity and corruption, as well as a way to track purity and corruption actively. Maybe have a way to volunteer to do good deeds for the needy, stop crimes, etc.

    This seems like it would be a fun alternate TF, that's both more mundane and equally fantastical.

    Just a recommendation, ignore it if you want, but I'd love to see something that doesn't simply turn you into a freak, and plays to the "light side" of the Cursed crowd's desires.

    I imagine a character that attempts to commit themselves to a relationship, as opposed to sleeping around, does charitable works, and affects people around them in a more positive fashion, perhaps even giving more options in a conversation, allowing them to inspire others, and offer different outcomes. This could have a lot of possibilities for a contrary stance with the succubus, who could get more seduction and manipulation options.

    Anyhow, just some thoughts. Furry TF's are great and all, if you're into that, but I prefer the core of the gameplay, which focuses on being female. Not all women have to absorb cock at an incredible rate, and while I enjoy the part of the game that centers around feeding arousal, I'd like to see some more positive TF's available.

  7. You want to make incentive for people to avoid transformation ?

    That's a *TERRIBLE* idea !