Thursday, June 21, 2012


As previously mentioned, I have two courses finishing up this week, so I can't stream for as long as I'd like.

But I can finish multiple pregnancy stuff. Or...mostly finish it. So let's get to that.

Multiple pregnancies are almost complete. It's just a matter of finishing the birthing scenes, which are half-done. I'm not including maternity clothing changes in this update, though. Those will take hours that will just push back the update even more.

Not bad for a few hours work.


  1. I hope this will include breastfeeding and waning the child too...

    I'm sick of the constant lactating, it simply won't stop, even if I don't touch that milking thingie with a pinkie... and nursing is not an option right now...

  2. True that. Hope we get to be able to interact with the child. I got disappointed at the fact it was not implented yet... My char just acts like nothing happened after, lmao xD

  3. Minor pregnancy gripe - are you aware that it is impossible to dress appropriately for the call girl's wedding date after you're 18 weeks along? And nearly impossible to be a hooker, unless you got Maria's special microdress outfit?

    ... maybe that's intentional ...

  4. To add on to the previous comment, if you go to the secretary path, you can't do that after 18 weeks as well.

  5. I find your lack of pregnancy sex disturbing.


  6. @Pregnant secretary

    I've been able to go to work pregnant wearing the Maternity Dress. Perhaps you're trying something too casual?

  7. And now for weeks of silence, followed by the post, "Oh fuck, my house caught fire!"

    If you are tired, AM, then take a break for a while. Your rate of updates has slowed to an absolute crawl over the past few months, so maybe it's time to set Cursed aside for a while and come back to it when you're fresh; and if that makes you feel guilty, then close donations, hammer out the shit people donated for, THEN set it aside.

  8. I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of (unrational) hate from this comment;

    Is there any way that you could alter the start intro for one thing? I really loathe how your "lesbian" character is forced to have sex and be used with one of the three sleazy guys at the start. Even if I skip the intro, there are still references to it.

    I know I know, there's magic involved, but there's no harm of giving the players some way of avoiding it altogether even if it comes with drawbacks.

    Just my 5cent

    1. But your character isn't a 'lesbian' at that point in the game. Plus as you say, there's magic involved and the whole point of this transformation is to be a punishment.

      No hate involved.

  9. So hey, do you still plan on adding in that Bunny Girl TF?