Friday, June 1, 2012


So I didn't stream yesterday, mostly because I kept getting interrupted by stuff, but I did work for about three or four hours nonetheless. I was able to get a couple of things done.

- New Item: Newspaper. You can buy one at the convenience store. It has reports on current events (i.e. things that you've done, to a point), as well things that will be happening during the day.
- New Item: Subscription Voucher. Using this will allow you to get the newspaper delivered once a day (except Sundays), rather than having to buy it at the store. It's delivered in the Morning.
- New Item: Coupon. Comes randomly in the mail, and you're guaranteed to get one in the Saturday edition of the newspaper. Gives you a discount on a specific item at the mall. I may change this to any one item at a specific store, but I haven't decided yet. You can only have one coupon at a time, and it's used up as soon as the item is bought.
- New Item: Komodo Smokes. A pack of cigarettes with a dragon logo. Reduces arousal a bit faster than regular smokes, but it's not FDA approved.

So mostly a bunch of setup stuff. The newspaper is intended to allow you to keep track of what's going on and what you've done, but it's also the trigger so that you can meet Dean; he's a minor celebrity, so he makes public appearances, which are announced in the newspaper. The voucher and the coupon are just there to add some variety and usefulness to the newspaper.


  1. Kay, I'm going to repeat a suggestion here that I got in too late for you to have likely seen, I think it's still relevant.

    Since the importing function doesn't bring across perks and it can be tricky to get old saves to work with the latest version of the game, would it be possible to have individual perks, sexual or otherwise be able to be added and maybe even removed using the testing item?

    Not only would this be incredibly usefull to the testing process as it'd circumvent actually doing the action(s) needed to get the perk over and over, it'd help make the process of starting a new game to ensure compatability with the latest version a little more painless, once we've proven we know how to get the perk. It's a little silly to force us all to get them the hard way when starting over is sometimes the only viable option to access the new content without glitches created by incompatability with old saves.

    Please? Perks can be some of the most tedious things to accquire in the game, partly because you're for the most part relying on certain random events happening when at various workplaces or at the bar, so the save-reload dance, complete with the unfortunate slowdown suffered when loading or saving becomes a necessity.

    Heck, if not that then at least provide other more reliable means of getting certain fetishes, like blowjob/boobjob/bondage pornos on the HDTV or allowing perks to be brought into new saves via the import function.

  2. Reposting:

    Figure I might as well put it here.

    On the latest version of the game, there's a point where I'm simply unable to call Genevieve. It looks like this in the game:

    telephone - Call Someone

    I'm currently on 22 Aug 2012.

  3. There seems to be a bug that causes clothes to become "unwearable". I'm using the 5-15 ver.

    Basically, I have a work outfit set with some jewelry on. Then I put on a different set of clothes from the work outfit, and I go to the beach for a swim. It seems that if the "Lose your top" event happens, it seems to glitch the current clothes you wore and makes it become the work outfit.

    Subsequently, when I try to remove it, it still shows on the window. Then I use the testing item to strip everything, the clothes I wore to the beach ends up in my closet, but it no longer has the "Wear" option. I cannot repurchase the clothes either.

  4. Good to see you working on the game again. We appreciate the work you put into it. Let us know if there's anything we can do to keep your motivation up.

  5. Enjoying the status updates but kind of disappointed in the content, it seems like the items/interactions are getting further and further away from what drew me to this game in the first place:

    Transforming into a woman and having sex as punishment for one night stands and treating women as meat.

    That being said, preggos ftw.

  6. I wish Cursed wouldn't try to do all the same lame furry transformations that Fenoxo has covered.

    I agree with the previous poster that says this game is really getting away from what made it initially interesting.

  7. dont mind the TF stuff.. its kinda fun even if its done in another game.
    would like to see more transformative items.
    What about encounters that have a fetish interest in the PC's TF? And maybe accelerate the TF with items given to the PC.
    Not into dating sims, theres a zillion out there.

  8. I haven't played for a pretty long time so I'm unsure as to where it's gotten, but can we use saves from previous ones yet? As in I save now and use it in a future version.

  9. Good thing the game keep on growing! I like this game and i'll keep on checking for more updates!

    as for the bug, i got a problem at the strippers job: evry once in a blue moon, when i finish my job and go home, i get home nacked and i find out my clothes stayed in the dresser at work, making then compicaed getting them back (can only do that by swapping with another dress)

  10. No matter what I try I cannot get the goth style to work.

  11. I don't like any of the TF stuff either. I'd prefer just sticking with the basic premise of TG with some body and mind modifications. And pregnancy of course.

    The only times I've really stopped playing this game over the last year was when he added all those TF items, and recently because content has slowed. I recently got a job though, so maybe I can finally donate soon.

  12. i have not wanted to try most of the non-human stuff, but then i have only played a limited selection of the human possibilities, also.

    I do wonder if there is a way of getting rid of "testing item" it seems to have no use besides destroying my game...

    1. Don't use it if you don't want to.

    2. Yes... I just wish I could get rid of it, it's disappointing.

    3. You will need to to "recover" your character when the new version comes, without it you will have to start over from scratch every week.

      Trust me, it's not funny after 20 times.

    4. I expect to create a new character anyways when a new version comes out.

      Anyways, it's ok for the game to add it back in every time I start, or whatever -- I just want to be able to get rid of it when I am playing.

  13. I enjoy the dating sim part of the game.

    Keep up the good work. ^^

  14. Funny reading this "I don't like TF", then the next message people are suggesting to add more TF into the game.

    A person says he "Dislikes Sim Dating", and a few lines under him there's a guy that "Enjoys sim dating"

    A person hates preggo, another person ONLY PLAYS because of preggo.

    Stop broadcasting the fetishes you "dislike", they are just as valid as your own. You may think "dating sim, BDSM, furry and lesbians" is silly and unnecessarily. But to someone will get a raging boner just from the mention of it.

    For christ sake, we all have odd fetishes here.

  15. A few bugs:

    1) I can't find the french maid/japanese maid/jumper suit clothes anywhere. All I could find are the Polo shirt and Khakis.

    2) The polo shirt and khakis are not stripped when going to bed.

    3) Declining the promotion 3 times gives you the clothes, true. However, those clothes that you get are a) unwearable anywhere, and b) just sort of stick around in your inventory. They don't even go into the closet.

    4) The robot transformation locks-in your butt-size, and hip size. Not sure about lips.

    5) There may be some rounding errors when calculating total Charisma. Sometimes, it was greater than the displayed sum of natural and non-natural by 1 point.

    6) I'm not sure what causes this(possibly Exhibitionist or Nudist?) but there's a bug where your underwear is "forgotten" into the locker at work, if you manually wear underwear before leaving for work.

    I think that's it.

  16. Also, as a robot, it seems there's no health penalties. How about saying something when going out unprotected in the rain?

  17. Will we be able to wear underwear out in public soon on this? I remember that being mentioned...

  18. It's very difficult now to become bi-sexual and stay bi-sexual. Can you please make it a bit easier?

  19. gotta ask, can you get pregnant from anything but the black dildo ? i tried but cant seem to get pregnant otherwise, is that correct or am i simply doing it wrong ?

    1. Not 'till you get to Maria's first visit...

  20. is there a way to get rid of futa ?

  21. Not sure if this just me or what, but I lost my job as a secretary and when given the new choices I picked the stripper one, but not only do I have two go to work options but it still tells me to leave in the morning and when I do manage to get the Nines, I can't work, talk to anyone, or even leave, I just get stuck at the strip joint forever, any clue what's triggering this?