Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Late Night Streaming

There were other things occupying my attention earlier tonight. I don't know how long this stream will last, but I did want to work on at least a couple of things. Besides, my sleep schedule is fucked up anyway.

I know there are a lot of bug in the 7/19a version, but I don't really want to do any bug fixes tonight. I want to actually add new stuff, so that's what I'm going to do. I'll work on bug fixes on Thursday.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some other stuff that has magically appeared in my notebook. Note that not all of these are guaranteed to make it into the game, but rather are the result of brainstorming additional content similar to the church nuns and the mermaid: side-quests that the player can engage in or ignore.

Webcam: Buy a webcam, start your own internet business. What are you selling? Why, yourself of course. Give the internet a striptease, or hire a "helper" and really give them a show. But remember that the internet is looking for something very specific: you'll need to make sure you look the part of the amateur porn star to get the best fees.

Balls: You've got your dick back, but what about your balls? Well, with the new drug that's sweeping the nation, you can increase the size of your balls, or, in your case, bring them back to life. But be careful: the bigger your balls, the less you'll be able to wear to hide them, and let's not forget what testicles are designed for: cum production.

Cum: Lots of stuff here. Cum addiction is a) kind of hard to get, and b) not really all that important. So, all male sex scenes will have a blowjob option. Cum addiction will carry negative penalties if you don't feed your need. If you have a cock and don't open the valves regularly, you'll find that the pressure release is opened when you're sleeping. Or really depends on how good you are at controlling yourself.

Yoga Class: What? Boring. Who cares about yoga class? No one cares that it's a new exercise option at the gym that increases femininity (up to 50). It doesn't matter that it will reduce your hip and butt size. No one cares that going often enough will give you the Lithe trait, which makes you limber and flexible.

Auto-Fellatio: No one cares about the...wait, what? Oh, that's right. If you have the Lithe trait from yoga class, and a large enough cock, and you decide that you need to let off a little steam...well, maybe you can find out what it tastes like. Cum Addicts will especially enjoy this particular option.

Bikini Contest: Hey, what's that at the beach? Is it a bikini contest? Why, yes it is. Is it a contest that's only available in the late spring/early summer, has multiple rounds, and has big prizes and benefits if you can win...or at least "convince" the judges that you should win? Indeed you are correct sir!

Ballerina: Man, dancing is such a useless skill. It's not like your dance instructor is actually planning to put on a ballet and looking for competent dancers to help with that. Wait, she is. Huh. And you might get the lead role? Cool!

Musician: Buy a busker license, and then get a guitar (or just your singing pipes) and see if you can make some money as a street musician in your spare time. This could be your ticket to the world of a recording contract! You can imagine it now: you dress up and make yourself look like a typical singer in your genre, get a band and play some gigs after rehearsing enough. Maybe you'll become famous to go pro, and if that happens, will you leave your band behind and take the spotlight, or take them with you to fame and glory? And oh god, what about the groupies?!

Edit: I feel it's important to note that this stuff is planned, but it'll be a while before it ends up in the game. After the current update (Transformation Overhaul), the next update will be more story stuff (I want to finish Brittany's quest at the least, along with some other miscellaneous changes).


  1. Oh lordy, so many good things in this post. Godspeed AM.

  2. Balls, Yoga, and Auto-Fellatio? AM... you are a fucking genius. ((I mean that in a good way.))

  3. "in your pants are a pair of cantaloupe sized testicles, lets face it they are impossible to hide!"

    "the bikini judges have suddenly turned blue"

  4. Hey these are all interesting ideas in the theme and flavor of what Cursed started out as...Well, fuck it, let's work on a new whacky transformation and lactation formula instead!

  5. Oh, my fuckin god, that looks awesome Anon *o*

  6. I've been wanting a webcam in the game for awile now. I'm sure a giant breasted, half-cow, futa, cam-whore would get some views. Especially if she's pregnant with triplets!

  7. The only qualm I have with the game as it is right now is the fact that if you REALLY play it, it takes too long to make real progress... The most I managed once was get to July devoting most of my daylight hours to it...

    1. The game is not meant to be played start to finish in one sitting. It's supposed to be long and drawn out.

  8. "Cum: Lots of stuff here. Cum addiction..."
    Yay, more blowjob scenes, with more cum addiction scenes changes :D
    The game is kind of poor in that area (only 3 sex scenes implying bj if I remember well, and only 1 recurring one in the bar).

    "Cum addiction will carry negative penalties if you don't feed your need."
    It will need way more bj sex choices than now to make it work... for example when you are doing hooker/dancer/secretary/maid work or when you are in the bar?
    Actually, a more systematic optional bj scene would be great!

    I only got that trait once, by drinking lots and lots of milk from the dealer: so it's nearly impossible to have the trait without doing that, and thus without being in the same time futanari, which I didn't want... it would be good to maybe separate these 2, or make it easier...?

    1. Basically, once I'm done with that particular change, every male encounter will have the option to give him a blowjob.

  9. Hi, I sent you a email as Kotona, I was a bit quick on me. I didn't see the note to read.

  10. Yo Mad1 here, looking over the MAY BE introduced ideas, can I offer a few suggestions like for the web-cam strip-stease mabey the player could only choose the option after the player's Inhibition is lower than 69-59 points Or mabey the player can have two options to strip-stease for (with time and pay being the only diffrence). Like one is for role-play, vid-chat,and tease while the other is could be cos-play, non-discript viewer suggestions, and a small show. Basicly one option that takes one time block and small pay and the other taking three blocks and ok amount of pay. Nothing too complex both would has a forked path, one being a slow day no one comes-no money path and the other goes to a set random genator amount with a ok, good and great text path (or just a set amout if too much work).

    For the balls drug if it's for the drug store than I give this discription for your consideration.

    “ Berry Burst. The go to temporally enhancement for men wanting more flow for their nightly go. Health note: Once a day...yada yada yada...tested on bulls considered safe for humans...Yada Yada Yada...please stop if swelling persists.”

  11. Balls, growth, cum, much more cum, auto fellatio, ballerinas. Tick tick tick tick. Welp, you've just made my day. I cannot wait until this is in the game. You, sir, are a genius!

  12. Sounds like fun. We going to get yogasms ( and back-stabbing politics in the ballet company? ;)

    1. I have never heard of yogasms. Interesting.

      And yes to the back-stabbing politics.

  13. oh my GLOB, that part about balls needs to get in the game ASAP!

  14. Interesting things, but my 2 cents to the Author,
    don't you think that the exhibitionist-nudist traits
    are a bit useless?
    There aren't really options in the game, even with low inhibitions, to do daring things apart topless at beach.
    You can go around without underwear and kinky clothes, but
    no event or actions to do for exhibitionism-nudism.

    Even the event at the beach where u lose ur top bikini is a bit too extreme. I don't think i have ever seen a girl staying in the water for 2-3 hours when she could go out using her hands to cover her boobs.

    A bit of play for these 2 traits would really improve the game.

    Good Job.

    1. Once I actually put in the Guilt system, you'll be able to go outside mostly naked if you're an exhibitionist, or completely naked if you're a nudist. These things will get you in trouble with the law, of course, but you'll have the option. And probably get a few weird looks. And untoward advances.

    2. Great to know and thanks for the answer.
      From what you say, you already have a great
      feeling about those things, and the "Guilt" system is probably to be a real game changer.

      it would be nice adding some actions when you are out, like when you are paying the caschier you bend down to pick some things that fell off, just to show that you are not wearing bra to him.

      a great thing would be also separate Bra and Panties items.

      There are some dresses that really would be more beautiful without bra, while a girl could choose or not to wear panties.
      OR the opposite (the nice surprise when u see a bra'ed girl, that when she sits at the mall opens a little her legs and u see that she has no panties).

      Even accidents would be awesome (broken bra, panties, forcing in some sexy situations without necessarily being exhibitionist or nudist)

  15. I'm liking the Webcam and the bikini contest. Don't know about the balls TF, though. There's already more than enough optional transformations, and not nearly enough to do while trying to save up enough money for them.

  16. My general feeling is that i'm playing Cursed for the feel of "reality" that it has.
    The focus of the game is about the life as a girl. I find the Magic system amusing, and still in the ambience.
    Some transformations though are not what i look forward in Cursed. If i want fantasy transformations, i go play Corruption of Champions or Pornarium.
    Cursed for me is about a "real life simulator" with kinky things inside. I avoid at all costs every transformation as they kinda go against the general feel of the game.
    Even the Cat transformation that use to turn me on, it
    has a really weird feeling if i would see a RL girl with that,
    so it becomes not sexy, but freak.

    1. Same here - I like this game for the reality feel. Would be real nice if the jobs you can have would more complex. At this moment all you do is get to work, get at most one event, usually none, and get back home. Perhaps you could split the time you work in two parts giving each part a chance for something to happen and put a something like a lunchbreak in the middle when you could interact with fellow employes. Also the possibility of quiting your job and starting over in the same branch or in a different one would be nice. Or being able to do some of the default jobs as a part time would be nice, like full time blogger/part time stripper, full time secretary/part time blogger/stripper. You already have an abillity to do the maid job. Why not something simmilar with the stripper/blogger? You could work days as a secretary and moonlight as a stripper/blogger/whatever on the evenings/nights.

    2. That's pretty interesting...
      Basically, the game needs way more work (sex or not sex related) events, to bring some diversity in the long run.

  17. I really hope you plan on having fully implemented the incomplete core elements of the game before starting on all of this random stuff you have in your notebook. Feature creep has been a problem for a while now, and it's exacerbated by the fact that a lot of these bonus goodies take a long time to activate, and that long time is boring because jobs, relationships and Maria are so unfinished.

    1. The " core elements" you are talking about are relating to the RAGS engine.

      Saving / Dating / Patching etc wont get any more stable until the guys developing RAGS fix it.

    2. Huh? I think you misread my post.

  18. My vote goes for the balls sections, especially the clothing restrictions. I always felt that should have played a part with large penis sizes. The one line of getting changed into the skimpy bikini at the beach always bothered me, if ya can barely cover your self normally what chance is there with a 14inch wang as well.

    I can see some characters being restricted to knee length dresses and longer, and of Corse the ever stretchy sweat suit.

    I would like to see the futa trait considered a bit more in the modelling and dancing professions, even if its just a single line that says you got one,

  19. I will be honest, all of these changes sound amazing. There is something appealing in the game to the reality of it--I agree with other posters that my favorite part is making it more of a reality. It's odd, but it's kind of fun imagining myself in the fantastical situation of being a woman and then making myself some high-powered female executive. I don't have much of a desire to become a dragon, and if I do I would just play DnD or some other respective game and see if I could get away with playing a beast race. Keep doing what you are doing because it is ultimately your game and we are SO grateful for it and I would never tell you what to do with your game, but I just wanted to add that I am really excited to see some of the changes! It's cool to see BJ's be added to situations considering it is one of the most prevalent sexual actions there is, perhaps more so than sex itself. The Cum, Ballerina, and Yoga-Class are the most exciting new developments for me!

  20. Webcam:
    Excellent so you can advertise yourself based on your attributes and the more exaggerated and deviated from the norm you are earns you more.
    All The New Futa Content:
    Fucking yes! Perhaps it will have more of an effect on scenes. Can we inpregnate women?
    More Blowjobs:

  21. I'd have to agree with one of the Anon's above. I feel the futa trait should have a bit more of an effect expecially when you're this I Cupped, Topless beast woman with 14 inch wang and massive balls crammed in your skimpy bikini.

  22. "Auto-Fellatio: If you have the Lithe trait from yoga class, and a large enough cock, and you decide that you need to let off a little steam...well, maybe you can find out what it tastes like. Cum Addicts will especially enjoy this particular option."
    Perhaps if you don't have Lithe you may only titfuck yourself which satisfys you based on breast size and adds a point towards breast fetish.