Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Codin'!

I really, really want to get a version out today, but there's a lot of stuff to work on, unfortunately. We'll see how long my desire to work can win against my desire to be a lazy ass.

Dragon Girl TF is almost done, so that will be first.
EDIT: Dragon Girl TF is done.

Then finishing up multiple pregnancies, which (fingers crossed) shouldn't take more than an hour.
EDIT: It took more than an hour, but it's done. Adding some testing commands now.

Then the high arousal events, which are actually done but for the displayed text...I think, it's been a while since I've looked at them.

So buckle up, chuckles. Let's go for a ride.


  1. Ya-hoo! AM is back in the saddle again!

  2. New events, new texts? I'll replay that game just to read that :)

  3. Are you referring just to the high-arousal werewolf deal?
    Or are you adding some general arousal-based events?

  4. You can do it!

    Seriously, I've been waiting for a new update because I've been getting the urge to play again. And Dragon TF is weirdly up my alley.

  5. Cool game, dude! =)