Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stream Over

Gotta get these bug fixed done this week, so might as well start now.

Here's the list of bugs that need fixing that have been reported (in no particular order):
1) It's possible to smoke the komodo cigarettes and not be able to smoke them again.
2) Some clothes can't be stripped off or removed. (Fixed the form-fitting clothes, couldn't find anything else that would be causing problems.)
3) Komodo cigarettes don't show how many are left in the pack.
4) Sleeping while smoking doesn't have the cigarette go out.
5) The final stage of the dragon transformation never actually finalizes (player examine doesn't update)
6) Wearing anything other than designated work clothes to the strip club gets them stuck in the locker. (Can't reproduce, can't find the logic that would cause this. Need more information.)
7) Outfits gained by declining promotions at the strip club get stuck in your inventory.
8) For some reason, after a certain point, Genevieve no longer accepts phone calls.
9) Add Furry Fetish on the testing item doesn't work (seriously, the testing item shouldn't be the major concern, ffs).
10) Can't interact with baby #2 or #3.
11) Getting bedridden with triplets doesn't let you go to sleep at the end of the day. 
12) Underwear doesn't get removed with the remove command at home.
13) After giving birth to triplets, if you were stuck in the bedroom, you're still stuck in the bedroom.
14) At max arousal, it's possible to get the "Make him wear a condom" message, even though you shouldn't.
15) It's possible to get stuck at the strip club while pregnant if you just signed up for the job.
16) The werewolf transformation doesn't happen during the full moon after the original transformation.
17) It's possible to get pregnant despite lesbian sex. (I'm almost convinced that there's another cause for this, as the game doesn't run the proper timer for pregnancy during any lesbian sex. Need more information.)
18) At least one max arousal scene doesn't actually reduce arousal.
19) It should not be possible for werewolves to start an inhuman TF.
20) Withdrawal from the aphrodisiac can leave arousal stuck at 70%.
21) Random events while travelling are much more likely (which is fine, but they shouldn't happen all the time). (I completely forgot that I changed the frequency of the random events.)
22) Checking the mail after the letter from the mother results in an error message.
23) It's somehow possible to get Nymphomaniac without Slut.
24) Once you've exhausted the actual discussion options with Genevieve at the mall, you can talk to her repeatedly the same day.
25) When underwear doesn't fit using the Get Dressed option, it doesn't get discarded as it would when you try to wear it manually. (Tested with all underwear and all outfits, couldn't reproduce.)
26) Having sex with the succubus you can give birth to doesn't reduce arousal.
27) Multiple repeat messages occur when using the inflatable dildo.
28) It's possible to initiate the robot TF while another TF is complete, which won't actually activate the robot TF, but will restrict things as if you were a robot.
29) The fertility treatment at the doctor's office can act as though you've received it recently when you haven't received it at all. (Couldn't reproduce, the only way for this to be possible is if you're pregnant; even if you don't know that you are, she'll refuse to give you the treatment.)
30) It's possible to get stuck in the Private Dancer job, unable to actually work. (Couldn't reproduce, need more information.)

As you can see, many of the bugs have been fixed. The rest will take more time, as they're more complicated than simply tweaking code. I'll get those fixed Thursday.


  1. Another one: pregnant hooker - hooker have to wear something slutty, but there is not slutty maternity dress, so you have to skip work

    1. There's also not a classy-enough maternity dress for the call girl wedding-date.

  2. Hey,

    maybe you can update this version to the download section so we can try and search new and old bugs til Thursday.


  3. Just so's you don't get outweighed or discouraged by the posts reporting problems, let me chime in and say that the update, bugs'n'all was worth the wait, and the bugs you've already squashed per this post should make an already-fun game even better. Great descriptions and event writing going on here, and it's a whole helluva blast to play. Plotting all of this crap out and then coding it must be complicated as hell, and *I* wouldn't want to do it, so thanks for it.

    1. Well he pretty much begged people to help him out with bugs, so I doubt he's offended by it at all.

      Anonman is a hard worker !

    2. Oh, I know. I just know how it is to get a bunch of "you need to work on this" feedback on a project even when I've asked for it. My typical reaction is to just say "oh, man, *more* shit I gotta do?" and go watch TV until someone hits me. But then, I'm a lazy slob. :)

    3. Plus, I saw an excuse to tell him how much I dug the game and thank him for the work. And being out of work at the moment, I can't do it with $$. Which I'll do as soon as I'm gainfully employed!

  4. got a lot of work done great job

  5. In previous post he said minty lip gloss and keggles video would be in, but I don't see them in the game. Is this a bug or in the next update?

  6. Can we get the Werewolf necklace Thursday as well?

  7. Examining yourself while wearing one of the fetish maid outfits still gives an incomplete description in release 7-12, finishing at "You are currently".

  8. Is it wrong that my biggest turn-off from being a nympho-werewolf isn't the mass murder, but that she soon gets enormously fat from eating so many people?

  9. Hi,

    first i want to thank you for your great work :)

    i am playing this game for months now (of course not continuesly).

    My Girl got pregnant (one boy) and since then i cannot call Genevieve anymore. Atleast i think that this is related. Should i send you the save or is this intented as it is?


  10. Hi,

    again the one from above (July 19, 2012 3:25 AM).

    i forgot to metion the following:

    i can choose to call genevieve at the phone, but if i click this, nothing happens. Just the clicked option appears as text in the main screen, but there is no dialog with genevieve.

    The same happens with the mermaid, i can choose from the 3 options after encountering her, but none (or atleast 2) does anything.

  11. I think I have another one.

    When Maria comes and meets me for the second time, when she offers me the laboratory heist, if I accept her proposal I can't leave my bedroom. No movement options appear on the compass.

    Everything's fine if I decline, though. Green dots appear and I can do everything I want.

    1. you may want to read the note she leaves behind before you attempt to move.

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