Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Streaming Time

There's going to be two streams today. This first one will be new content from the Transformation update, and the later stream will be dedicated to bug fixes until I get bored and go back to new content (which is hopefully after the bugs are fixed).

Stream is currently down for the day. I got quite a few of the bugs fixed, except for the ones that require extensive testing (werewolf tf and a couple of others). I'll be back to work tomorrow though.


  1. new patch new save game

  2. BUG: If you have an increase-skill event but your skill level is already 100, you get no benefits but still have your "unassigned skill points" remaining. This applies to sex skill definitely, perhaps others--e.g., if your job is hooker, it almost kills your skill advancements.

  3. I can't find the update with the bug fixes...

    1. If you mean the 7.19a update, then the link to that is in the EDIT portion of the blog message dated 7/19 titled "Mostly Fixed". If you're referring to any bug fixes AM has mentioned in his blogs after 7/19, then the update containing those hasn't been released yet.

  4. I think I found a bug regarding sex skill.

    When the player gets pregnant from having sex, it seems like the skill goes up by one or even 2 points daily until it gets to its max.

  5. Is there a requirement about getting pregnant because I seem to be unable to.