Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Almost Got 'Em

Almost got this XCom stuff worked out of my system. Friggin' good-game-poison. Takes forever to cycle out of your body.

I'll be back to streaming coding tomorrow and Thursday.

If you're curious about what kind of game I'm currently obsessed with, I have been streaming it the last few days (unannounced here because it's not germaine to the game creation deal), so feel free to tune in.


  1. Haven't played X-com, but its basically risk right?
    Worth buying? No fan-boy perspective thankyouverymuch

    1. It's not like Risk, no. Closer to a Civilization-type game than Risk: You do research, build additions to your base, and fabricate equipment for your squad, which you then take out to kill aliens in turn-based strategy missions.

      By turn based-strategy, I mean you have your units move and do actions (like shoot, reload, or prepare for the enemy's turn in some way), then the enemy has their units move and do actions. then you take your turn, and so on.

      I don't have the game myself (yet), but from what I've seen, it looks really good.

    2. It is really good :-D

      If you have played Final Fantasy Tactics it's similar to that for the missions. Check out YouTube for vids... it's pretty much what you see in the vids.

      Outside the missions it's a bit like a military space-base management simulator. Manage limited resources and supplies to enable you to build and research new gear for your squads.

      Personally I'm not a fan of the base management part... but the missions are tones of fun.

  2. Not germaine? We are fans of Anonymous Man, not just his games.

    1. Perhaps it's just coincidence, but AnonyMan seems to regularly stream when Fenoxio is also streaming. You can see when Fen is streaming on his website

  3. I played latest X-Com. It was an excellent remake.