Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nun Brothels!

Skipping ahead a bit tonight to set up the Nun Brothel Mistress job, which should be interesting, may post the details about it after the stream.

Also watching election night coverage (US Elections). I'm a second-grade political junkie, got it from my dad, so I can't not watch, but it'll be on the TV, with good ol' fashioned music on the stream.

Dunno how long I'll go. Feel free to tune in.

Edit: Turns out I'll go to 10:30pm. Election is getting close, having a hard time concentrating. I'm getting up early(ish) on Thursday for a lot more work.


  1. nice to see you back also

  2. all i can say is i can start watching tv again with out the annoying campaign adds

    ps looking forward to next update

  3. No TV, no annoying ads, simple as that :)

  4. I am so happy it is over. I am not American (nor in USA) and media over here has been full of those abominable elections. Lot more than our own elections.

  5. I'd like to reiterate my request for another way to donate, for those of us who are allergic to PayPal. Amazon wish-list came to mind. It's got one drawback: we'd have to put requests in the gift tags. I think that could still work. The gift tag could read: "Office ski trip? Cosy or wild?" Then there'd be a more detailed description somewhere in the comments here that AM, having nothing better to do, would of course see and associate with the gift *ahem* maybe. For example:

    In the Secretary career, be invited on the office ski trip next February. It'll cost a lump of money, of course. For that one week, the venues and actions change.

    Maybe as "just a secretary" you'd be in a small apartment with another woman, but I think a chalet's more likely, especially if you've been promoted to "the VP's girl" by then. Obviously skiing would be an option (hey, new skill!) during the day. In the evening, there would be drinks at dinner and after-dinner games. Then you'd go to your bed and get a night's sleep ... or go to the VP's bed and get a few hours' sleep ... or go out to a club ...

    Daytime sex should be an option too, of course. In fact, it'd be reasonable for the VP to offer to pay his girl's trip costs and inevitable that he'd expect a lot in return. Maybe someone would try to poach you. He could really use your special skills in his department, as it were.

    That brings up the follow-up, for very personal secretaries who accepted such a deal: conference season, with many opportunities to be used and abused and love every second of it, you kinky little slut.

    Speaking of being used and abused, Jim needs some more ideas. Amazon gift-tag: "Hoping Jim's feeling inspired!"

    1. Forgive me if this question is too personal, but what do you mean by "allergic to PayPal?"

  6. Wanting too much personal information was exactly the problem. I forget exactly what they wanted, but it was a lot more than Amazon, the supermarket or the OBB ticket machines ever wanted, and I told them to stuff it.

  7. Having just been off link-chasing and trying every RAGS and Flash game that looked interesting, I can now compare Cursed! to Tales Of The Drunken Cowboy, Hill House, Watch What You Say, Jailbait, Blanked and Tales Of Lust & Delacroix ...

    ... and I am so very much more impressed with Cursed! now than I already was. Such limited exploration, such linear paths, so many Bad End minefields, so much unfinished business. Wow.

    I feel like I ought to at least buy you dinner or make your gf a fancy outfit or something.