Thursday, May 23, 2013

Depression Sucks + Giant List of Games

EDIT: All game files have been uploaded as zip files. If you've been having the "unreadable" error, try downloading now.

No, not decompression. Although, I guess, sudden decompression...

Anyway, it's been a rough couple of weeks. Had a couple of job prospects that didn't really pan out for whatever reason, despite what I thought were good interviews, so I'm still looking. Might have to work at McDonald's at this rate. Wouldn't that be fun.

But no one cares about that, so here's the deal: not going to be working on anything again today, but tomorrow, I will be. The only way to get out of depression is to crawl out of it, right? So, I have to force myself to do so.

So then why am I not working on something today? Because I looked at my email box and realized that I am an asshole and haven't answered emails since January. Which is such a dick move. I'm going to go through that backlog and reply to everything, whether it's out of date, already resolved, or what. Rest assured that I actually do read every email because...

Okay, here's the explanation, and it's kind of stupid. I'm Anonymous Man, right? I value my anonymity, despite the fact that it really would not be terribly difficult to figure out who I am with a little effort. So I have the email for my "official" communications. That email address forwards everything to my actual email account, which is where I read just about everything. But, since it's a) forwarded, and b) my personal email account, I don't reply to anything from there. So instead I just read it, lie to myself that I'll reply "soon(tm)" and then forget all about it until days like today.

Anydangway, in other news, I'm going to upload zip files of the both TTF and Cursed today to all three upload sites (and maybe another one that was recommended) in the hopes of finally preventing the "Sorry, This RAGS file is unreadable" error, which I have allowed to continue for far too long. I can't say that it will fix it, because I don't know, but I can try it; it's not especially time consuming or difficult. Don't expect it to actually reduce the size of the file, though, because RAGS files hate compression.

Finally, I should probably point people to awesome games that I occasionally play. If you like TTF or Cursed, you may like these games, but no guarantees. Lots of respect for the creators, though. After the break since it ended up pretty long.

Brothel Sim 2: (HTML) Okay, so BlueWinds contacted me and asked for a link, but I enjoyed Brothel Sim and the sequel looks pretty impressive from at least a coding standpoint so far. S/he's doing a fund raising drive for the project, asking for $12K (Man, if I had 12K...). If you haven't tried Brothel Sim, you can try it here.

Anger Management: (RAGS) Hits all the high points: lots of choices, consequences, and slow changes. Sadly, it hasn't been updated in quite a while, but the author (spangle) is adamant that it's still being worked on. Wait, that sounds familiar...

The Masculine Mystique: (Twine/HTML) Lots and lots of domination/submission stuff in here, with some rather prominent male-to-female transformation as well. Not complete, but barrabas updates frequently, and worth trying for the story alone, which is surprisingly well-thought out for all the branches it takes.

The Bet: (RAGS) TinaB does good work. Voluntary MTF here, with incremental changes. Not complete, and given TinaB's track record, not likely to be completed, but it has a surprising amount of content.

Unseen Consequences: (RAGS) Worth playing for the (custom) pictures alone. Surprising no one: MTF changes, but with a few interesting twists. Very linear, you won't take long finishing it, but for a first effort, surprisingly good. ZoeyMay has stated that the game is abandoned as a new version is started from scratch, but we'll see what happens.

The Vegas Connection: (RAGS) Before cblack did comics, cblack did games. Or maybe it was at the same time, I don't know. This game was created long before I started, and while it has mtf, it focuses more on mental changes than physical changes.

Apple Boobing: (RAGS) A surprising amount of gameplay for such a simple concept, and SubmissiveSophie has a way with scenario writing. Give it a shot, I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed. Maybe. Fully complete, and unlocked if you want a peek behind the scenes.

Demon Town: (RAGS) Bad name, great game (though I'm not one to talk about bad titles). Orcha is also insisting this is not abandoned, so while it's incomplete, it's worth trying out. Involves mental and physical corruption, along with physical transformation.

Tales of Lust and Delacroix: (RAGS) I have to admit that sometimes, there's just someone out there who's better than me. I admit it quite frequently. Okay, maybe all the time. ANYWAY, ToLaD is an excellent game with mtf of the Japanese variety, so something different from all thouse Caucasian ladies you normally see. Also features theme's of mental change and corruption. Good times. There's also a sequel currently in development, though Red_Gambit seems a little pressed for time by real life.

Overseer: (RAGS) Mind control is not my fetish, far from it, but Overseer is an excellent game nonetheless. It's still technically in beta, but it's essentially complete as it stands. It's a good example, also, of why Cursed doesn't have pictures: at 100+ mb in size, the game takes forever to load, forever to save, and forever to shut down. Still worth playing, if only because DollMistress creates surprisingly engaging stories (that take a while to get started, hmm, wait, where have I heard that before?).

The Lilith Device: (RAGS) Another mind control game with some limited transformation of the poof (instant) variety, the Lilith Device is nonetheless an excellent game with a good story. Sadly not complete, but still being worked on with a new update "any day now", according to creator Captain.

Mutant Minx Meltdown: (Ren'py/HTML) Okay, so this is a weird game, but SeldomPie has put a lot of work into it, and it has paid off. I don't believe the engine is designed for the game that's being created (visual novel engine + open world adventure = ???), but it's great nonetheless. Very bizarre female transformations, though, so be warned: if you don't want your ladies to grow giant crab claws for hands, then this might not be for you.

Nimin: (Flash) If you're here from Fenoxo's site, you probably have already tried Nimin, but if you haven't, maybe you should. Xadera has transformations in the game, mostly anthro furry, but there's some crazy pregnancy and hyper stuff, and all kinds of weird shenanigans afoot. Just a recommendation: use the hot keys. You will need a FurAffinity account.

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy: (RAGS) Does anyone know mdqp? No? Have you tried TotDC? Imagine an somewhat linear RPG in RAGS focused around mind control and corruption (with some bimbo stuff) and you're good to go. I haven't played this one in a few updates, but the last time I played, I was upset when I ran out of content, so I guess that's a good indicator of quality?

Slavemaker: (Flash) I have, if I'm honest, not bothered with Slavemaker in quite some time, but there's the off-chance that someone hasn't tried it. CMacleod has created a very modular game, which is great, but most of the slaves that people make are "vanilla" (just like all the others, no uniqueness but the graphics) or incomplete. Still, if you haven't tried it, and you can download all 3 gigs of it, it'll definitely keep you occupied for a while.

I think that's enough for now. Email awaits!


  1. Just played through the first part of Tales of Lust and Delacroix - very well written, but "find out what to click next to avoid a bad end" is not my favorite form of gameplay - in that sense, I think Cursed is definitely superior.

    The Masculine Mystique is also pretty good, but it seemed a little... I don't know, unsubtle? Seems off to be using that in comparison to Lust & Delacroix or Slavemaker, but the town-of-jocks-and-sluts felt very heavy handed.

    I'll be going through more of these as I have time / interest (not reviewing since I'm a little biased, being the developer and all) - thanks for the list!

  2. That error isn't from your game.

    It is from when a person is downloading a Rags game, and has it set to open as soon as it is downloaded (so it will be in Temp), then will say it can't be read.

    But, if the person clicked to save it, and then open the game themselves after it finished downloading then they wouldn't get the error.

    When they have it set to open automatically, then for some reason the game gets ticked to be Read Only, but that can be changed by right-clicking, and then going to properties, and unchecking "Read Only," then the game will work.

    Anyways, I recommend, as it doesn't require an account, and they won't take the game down (MediaFire might).

  3. some people do care about that

  4. For getting jobs... I hate searching for jobs, and I can barely tolerate some of the good advice (like: collect a thousand rejections). Anyways... the best way to find jobs is through friends. HR's job is to keep people from getting hired, and sometimes they are good at their job. But, also it's good to think about things you enjoy doing, and find experiences you have had where you did things you enjoy and put all of that together in a coherent resume or whatever. But did I mention that the best way to get jobs is through friends (or friends of friends) - the other way is to apply for so many jobs that you just stumble over someone that happens to need someone like you by dumb luck ...

    Or maybe you will get lucky, but the best way to make luck is to make lots of chances for yourself.

    Depression is hard, though. In my experience, it builds up slowly over a long period of time and then it's too much. I hope you can find your way here. (And maybe my hints here will be helpful...)

  5. Besides from Nimin, any others on the list that feature pregnancy to a good extent? I was surprised that was the only one of the list I had tried.

    And best of luck on your job hunt. I know I had a terrible time trying to find a job before I got my current one. Only real advice I have is you just gotta keep trying. (and neglecting to mention how long you have been out of work doesnt hurt either)

    1. None of them really focus on pregnancy, at least not to the extent of Cursed. Seems like games like that are pretty rare.

  6. I've played all of these games xD They r cool, but short and most of them r very straightforward..
    I was wandering ... r there any transformation games which r more open( give more freedom like CoC and Nimin ) and r not filled with bad ends ?
    There should be at least 1 J eroge like this xD

  7. Hey, could us non-Windows-users get a copy of the HTML/JS version of this game?

    (Exportable from the new beta versions:

    1. Clarification: By "this game" I mean Cursed

  8. Depression sucks balls, and the job market is still meh at best. Hope things get better.

  9. Dear Diary,

    Today, Anonymous Man was a pretty cool guy. He shared a lot of cool games with his fans. =)

  10. Nimin wont play for me.