Sunday, March 9, 2014

A few questions

So there should be a poll up on the right that I hope you all take a moment to peruse. Actually...there should be two.

The first one is in regards to ethnicity changes. Long requested but pretty hard to do because of...well, racial stereotypes, really, I think I may have finally find a solution. So let me clarify the possible options for that poll.

Ethnicity Changes Poll

Option 1) No ethnic changes
Pretty obvious. No ethnic changes at all. Leave ethnicity as it is now (ambiguous), and call it good.

Option 2) No ethnic changes, but choose at the beginning
Also pretty obvious: instead of leaving ethnicity ambiguous, I give you the option to choose at the beginning of the game (just after entering your male name), and that's what you are for the rest of the game.

Option 3) Extremely limited
This is a big of a mix. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose your ethnicity. Then, as you play the game, you get points towards various looks based on your choices. At exactly one point in the game, when you have gained enough points in a particular ethnicity, you get the option to let it happen, which then changes your ethnicity. So if you start as Caucasian, but then accumulate enough points, you can choose to become Asian (alternatively, if you get enough points in Caucasian, nothing happens). This would only occur once, and it would only give you the option for the first ethnicity that you max out. After you get that option, whether you go with it or not, you'll never see it again.

EDIT: Posted this on TFGamesSite in response to a question there:

If I do add ethnicity to the game, then first of all, the player's ethnicity would be more of a description than just "You're Asian". It would describe your eyes, skin color, hair, and so on. In addition, people would have certain expectations of you depending on your ethnicity: if you're a person of color (delicate phrasing), for example, you might find it a bit more difficult to get ahead in the Business career (stereotypes!), while if you're of Asiatic descent, you might find people treating you as if you're a character in hentai, especially if you're dressing the part.

In addition, different characters would have different preferences. Currently, Genevieve is all about being your friend. But, she might have preferences herself: if you're Caucasian, then she'll be okay with that. If you're Asian, she'll be all over you (i.e. SHE will be the one to initiate romantic advances), and if you're black, you might have to try a little harder to stoke her interest.

And if I add ethnicity changes, and you DO change your ethnicity at any point in the game, you're immediately fired (unless you're self-employed). Because you no longer look the same, and no matter what you say, no one will believe that you are the same person. Inhuman transformations that have completed, though, override any kind of ethnicity change (your skin color is less of a concern if you're covered in fur).

As for the second poll, this one is a little more straightforward.

Clothing Poll

As much as I hate my clothing system, the one thing I really don't like is that lack of options. Which is a little ridiculous to say when there are over 40 current outfits in the game, but whatever. I'm going to be adding still more clothes (and ways to organize them, don't worry), but I had an idea on something to make it more...realistic when it comes to buying them.

Option 1) Just add new clothes.
Like it says. No new system. Just new clothes.

Option 2) Limit clothes based on time
Currently, all of the outfits in the game are available pretty much immediately. The only limiting factor (if you can call it that) is money and, in rare cases, femininity. This option would change it so that various outfits become available as time passes. Rather than seeing all the clothes at the beginning of the game, you see a few select outfits, with more added a few weeks later, and the more added still later, etc.

Option 3) Limit clothes based on a variety of factors
Like option 2, but instead of just limiting them based on time, clothes would only become available if you met the requirements for them. For example, if your femininity is very low, then you won't even see the sluttier clothes, while other clothes (or accessories) might require skills to be at a certain level before you'll consider buying them. It makes the clothing system more dynamic and more in tune with how you play your character: if you're playing a goody-two-shoes, inhibited character, it doesn't make sense that you can buy the leather dress, for example.


  1. Nice game I love it!!

    My votes
    Ethnic changes
    Option two

    Option Three (Isn´t this a lot of work?)

  2. Hey AM, are donation requests still open?

  3. 1: The lack of ethnic descriptions lets players envision their own world; Making a point system (or anything beyond choosing your own ethnicity in the beginning) seems counter-intuitive and a lot of work.

    2: I figure option three would be something similar to Dom/Sub clothes currently in the game. Current clothes already exist and have requirements, all it would entail is setting a variable to make them invisible until those requirements are met. Why I DON'T like this option is because it is more fun to window shop; It gives players a chance to see what's available and alter playstyle aiming for that shiny new thing!
    What makes more sense to me is if the player has no femininity, there is little chance of them going into Victoria's Secret, likewise if they are inhibited they aren't going to be waltzing into a sex shop.
    Make players with Femininity lower than fifty shop for underwear at Sears/Macys/Dillards/JCP/etc, those above can go to the Boudoir for some racy lingerie, and when they turn into wanton exhibitionist sluts they can buy fishnet mini dresses.

  4. I don't think there should be different levels of "ethnicness" to anyone in the game. It's usually just a description, and I don't think you can take it much farther without overcomplicating the game or making no sense.

    As far as clothes go - the current system is fine but it should be more purposeful.

  5. Ethenicity not fussed

    Clothes yes please more, I quite like the current system j in seeing them, but not being able to buy. Guess it is fun to have some surprises like the maid stuff xxx

  6. Ethnicity: #2

    Clothing: #3

  7. But what if we want to slut it up from the beginning?

  8. I like 2 on the Ethnicity poll just because it adds some more character customization without being a whole nother big thing to code (I imagine going through and finding all the things that need to have a adjective added is going to be a big enough pain in the ass from an ethnicity add on).

    I want to go with 3 on the Clothes poll but at the same time it feels like it'd be limiting. Maybe if it has some moderate requirements (like certain level of a martial arts style for the fingerless gloves or whatever skill you could make relevant to it) without it being overly time consuming to be able to wear. It'd also be nice if it had some minor boosts (like a +2 or 5) to whatever skill or aspect of your character is required to wear it.


  9. On the ethnicity I say 2, but only if you have spare time to spend on it.

    On clothes, 3. But I like idea mentioned by someone above, about shopping options/clothing types being limited, rather than every single piece separately.

  10. Ethnic change.
    I've wanted this so much.
    Oh my God.
    This game now touches all of my fetishes.

  11. I agree with other people, just put in a choice for ethnicity at the start if you want to, don't bother with doing stuff for changing it mid-game. It would be hard to do convincingly anyways, and honestly I never even thought about ethnicity until I read this post, the whole leaving it up to the imagination thing works fine. For clothing, I would just say more outfits, so choice 1. Unlocking over time doesn't make any sense to me, and I found that most of the sluttier options are unavailable at the beginning of the game anyways because you're too inhibited. Unlocking by skill level could be cool I guess. Just do what you want man, it's your (amazing) game.

  12. 1 and 1, please.

    Option 2 for ethnicity would be fine, but leaving it unstated lets you imagine it how you want anyway. For clothing, playing dress-up and reading the descriptions you wrote for the outfits is one of my favorite things about this game, so not even being able to even see what is there would be annoying, especially if saves keep being incompatible like they have been.

  13. I'd say 1 and 1. For ethnic 2 would be fine though. 3 is iffy for reasons you already know. You could play that off as things the PLAYER CHARACTER thinks about the race, we already have this to an extent with the femininity stuff but obviously there's a fine line between "the character the pc controls is a little racist" and "this game is a little racist"

    Of course that said npc's commenting on the pc's race/skintone when they're going at it would be pretty hot

  14. I think limiting the clothing more by character would make it more unrealistic. Example: If I am playing a prude their may be times I want to let my hair down so to speak and but on that sexy dress and vis-versa. Limiting clothing so you can not buy pants if you are too loose and can't buy a low cut dress if you are too much of a prude seems silly to me.

    As far as the ethnicity thing is concerned, I think a choice at the beginning is totally fine. The game can become really weird if race/ethnicity is brought to much into it.

    More importantly I think these things will take up a ton of coding time which would take away from what I think most people want, and that is unfinished stuff finished.

    Anyway, that is my two cents.

  15. 1: i think keep ethnicity ambigious as it allows people to imagine better

    2: i think just adding more clothes instead of a new system would be better more variety is always liked =)

  16. I voted:

    1. option 2 (choose ethnicity only at start of game)
    (option 3 is slightly better, but unnecessary)

    2. option 3 (base apparel stock on various character traits/factors)
    I was going to choose option 2 (apparel stock updates as time passes) because it's very realistic and it offers a number of other fun game mechanics, but it'd only be worth it if you implemented the other mechanics along with it. Option 3 is great since your character should have his(/her) own preferences for clothing; option 2 alone is a little bland. To be specific on my thoughts on option 2:
    - real clothing stores get new stock; option 2 supports realism
    - new clothes puts the player in a dilemma: "either save up for some really cute that might come out next week, or just get something nice today"
    - buying new clothes in spite of the old ones (that one probably doesn't wear anymore) brings up a possible game mechanic of getting rid of your old clothes [Which I find really, Really cool!]. To elaborate further:
    a) the player can donate his(her) old clothes to get some morality points
    b) the player can sell his(her) clothes to a hand-me-down pawn shop for some spare cash
    c) the player can sell his(her) used underwear to perverts on the internet at a higher price than the underwear's original retail price. This allows the player to actually make a little bit more money, but at the cost of putting him(her)self in a position to get shady events (some customers may want to verify the authenticity of a panty's previous owner; may offer to meet up with player to negotiate higher prices). I'd personally scale the price of the underwear to be sold with the base value of the underwear for simplicity purposes, but it would also be really cool if the price was also based on the sluttiness of the underwear to be sold.

    Anyways, I don't know if you're reading this, AM, but if you are, these are my genuine thoughts on future features to the game. Love the game; like most other folks here, I've been following your progress for a long while now, and will keep doing so for as long as you're still around. Thanks for the great update last week! #Live Long and Prosper

  17. For question one, either options two or three are alright with me. Three only if it isn't too major of a programming burden, you already have a lot on your plate.

    With clothing, it's the clothing grid that is the biggest appeal to me: the description of the interaction between the underwear and clothes, so hammering that down is personally my biggest priority. I hate the "unlocks over time" idea, but adding more restrictions based on femininity/profession/whatever seems reasonable.

  18. Mmn. I feel that ethnicity /should/ be in the game, but only in the sense that it could be referenced by people from time to time.

    As people do not notice any of the /other/ changes your character goes through, I'd like to suggest a fourth option:

    Make it no different than any of the other random encounters that can change your charactrer, voluntarily. Also, use it to poke fun /at/ racial stereotypes by imaking fun of those who buy into that crap.

    Women of color go through a lot of shit, from fetishization to racism on top of being a woman. I'd like to suggest that Cursed would be remiss if it didn't, in some way, address that women of color are often fetishized and marginalized.

  19. 1 and 1. I can envision my character as whatever ethnicity I like right now, and there's enough other variables to juggle as it is.

  20. for some strange reason when i try to open Cursed it instantly crashes Rags Player, and i haven't been able to find any fix for this problem. anyone know how to fix it?

  21. Not sure if "ethnicity change" will do this game much favour, seeing much of your game revolves around transformation and some groups - ie. Asians mostly have dark coloured hair and eyes. Not that it doesn't quite happen, but I think you get what I mean.

    On the other hand, I suppose maybe it can still work, just that the PC will look extremely out of place or exotic. All comes down to how you're writing it. And good luck not offending some people, though some people just love to be offended.

  22. I'm in favour of the third option for ethnicity and here's why: I m'self am mixed. Most of the people I've had relationships with have been mixed to some degree; most of my friends and I (of both genders) find different things about each race appealing and love seeing how things blend together.

    So as a mixed race individual with tons of mixed race friends who has primarily (not quite exclusively but close) involved with other mixies, I've always found the all-or-nothing approach to race in these games bizarre. It's like everyone forgets about us even though we're extremely common and--we'd like to think--definitely the hottest of the lot. Hell, only recently has bureaucratic paperwork even started listing us as an option; the most recent medical paperwork I did still (in this day and age) still forced me to mislabel myself because there wasn't an option.

    It's not a huge huge deal but it is very, very noticeable if you're like me. Many of the games on TFGames have some level of race customization but...I don't think I've seen a single mixed option yet, which always feels like a minor cold-water dunk of anti-immersion. I often wind up opening to decide for my which of my races I'm going to play as. Which, again, feels so odd given how attractive mixed-race cocktails can be. I get that it'd require a bit more description or coding sometimes...but it feels like it's never occurred to anyone to try--which, again, feels like we're inexplicably forgotten. Which does grate in a very minor way after the 50th game in which you choose all-or-nothing racial backgrounds.

    Sorry for the mini-rant, it's just something that struck me after a recent playthrough.

    As for clothing...the third option sounds nice in theory but I'm going to go for the first. If people are really getting into the mental transformation side of the game, then they're playing for immersion and would probably self-limit anyways. If they're not then this is just an arbitrary limitation that's forcing them to grind more femininity points before they can get what they want...which doesn't sound terribly purposeful.

  23. 1 and 3,
    Adding race gives you a lot of extra work, will probably offend someone at some point and adds little in return that the player can't imagine for themselves. Keeping it ambiguous is the most sensible option in my opinion.
    Cursed! has always had one of the best selection of clothing and I'm glad you want to add to it, but when money is the only real limiting factor you are less inclined to try new ones. If you have to perform more specific tasks to earn them they are more rewarding and you are more likely to try them out. I'm not sure I understand option 2, why would they unlock after a period of time? Most clothing stores would only add new ranges at the start of a new season, if you are planning on adding seasons and season specific clothing then fantastic, but otherwise I'm not sure why this would be a thing.

  24. For the first I'd say option 2 would be best, seeing as it'd be INCREDIBLY hard to explain a change in skin color... unless you've gotten the glamou spell, but then again not everyone's going to get the magical artifact... However I would like to see a few unique events or outcomes occurring due to race.

    As for the second question, I'm going with option three since I honestly enjoy a bit of dynamics in my games!

    Sooo... basically:

    Poll 1: 2
    Poll 2: 3

  25. The only problem with the current cloths system is that I cant assign which footwear I wont to wear with an outfit.

  26. I'm all for adding ethnicity, but I think you should stay away from the stereotypes as much as possible in regards to changing the PC. Instead of points, make it similar to hair color with random events and a gradual shift over a few days. Possibly a way to stop the changes halfway for more options or prevent the changes altogether somehow (maybe that dream catcher?).

    The NPCs can abuse stereotypes against you, but with how much you change hair color, body type, etc. you shouldn't be fired unless the other changes cause it as well.

    Clothing - Limiting visibility for clothes makes sense, but have it in phases so players know what they can aim towards to a degree. If you're feeling ambitious, maybe some way for the PC to gain skill and alter/create clothes herself, though depending on skill, there could be wardrobe malfunctions.

    I would prefer the existing material be completed and debugged first though.

    1. The clothing alterations could be a fun little side-jaunt, especially if the wardrobe malfunctions are done with a bit of depth (e.g., you make a tank top, but a strap fails. The tank top is replaced in your inventory with the damaged one. It's then up to the player whether they keep it, repair it, or toss it, as well as whether they keep going with their day or just go home. Obviously, femininity and inhibition should determine whether you are willing to ignore it or not.) Another thing you could consider is the possibility for skilled characters to create clothes with the intention of wardrobe failures, and maybe build some random events around that idea.

  27. Options 1 and 1. Ethnicity would be good if tastefully done, but mostly has the potential to be very limiting.

    The clothing... I could support the idea that you can't *buy* clothes if you don't have the skills, but you should at least see them in the store all the time. It lets you know that options exist, either on this playthrough or on a future one, and makes you more interested in working toward unlocking them.

  28. Personally I'd prefer the race to stay ambiguous. A little user imagination wouldn't hurt every now and then.

    Besides, I can't see any reason to have race and skin color defined; what would the game use that data for, anyway?

  29. Guys.

    I understand why you want to simply choose Ethnicity at the beginning, then leave it during the gameplay. But remember! This is TF game! TF is, you know, /the point/! Unfortunate implication aside, this will add yet another TF dimension!

    - TFag.

  30. 3 and 3.
    Well we already have racial fetish ingame, some changes would be good.
    As for clothes I think restricting wearing some clothes based on femininity and inhibitions is a good idea. May be you could buy some next 'tier' clothes, but wearing them will have some side effects (being shy).

  31. I like the idea that clothes should appear over time, but not to use that mechanism to restrict what the player can buy in terms of how revealing/powerful or whatever it is. You've already got the idea that a prudish PC won't by the bikinis, so why not extend that to new clothes? Also the limited money also restricts the choice of clothing in the early months.

    There's already a seasonal component to Cursed, why not extend it to cover the collections that are offered in clothes shops? Real women have to plan to buy next seasons clothes in advance; shops don't stock all items all the time. You can realistically limit available choice without an artificial mechanic. You would need to make it clear that the PC has to save up and buy that winter coat in the fall, and not wait for the first snowfall...

    1. Ethnicity: If anything I would expect this to be set when creating a new character, possibly the night/morning depending on dream choices that night, and possibly in the same way you can change hair color, except more needed. Two-three dreams, for example, or dressing up for halloween or some party or some strip show in a particular way.

  32. Option 2
    and Option 3

  33. I'd love to be able to choose race when first transformed by Maria, rather than at the very start of the game (or possibly in addition to).

    1. +1 for this suggestion

    2. This is actually a good idea. Just have Maria ask.

  34. Woah, the social justice warriors are here in numbers. Is there any part of the internet they don't infest these days?

    Anyway, I'd go with option 3 or 2 for ethnicity. If the character's ethnicity is going to become a thing, I wonder if--eventually-- other characters' ethnicities will too, or if getting pregnant by someone of another ethnicity will make the child mixed. That'd be cool.

  35. Question one: Option 3. This would be a big draw for me, actually. I hope that you include it.

    Question two: Option 2. I like the dress up, but would prefer things don't get OVERLY complicated in the clothing side of things.

  36. I would say option 3 on both.

  37. 1. If it's going to be changeable, make it relatively easy to avoid triggering change conditions. (2ish)

    2. 3 or 1 depending. If you're going to have more clothing prerequisites, clothing should also have more of an effect on events--rough categories would do it (e.g. elegant, dowdy, slutty, formal, casual) but point ratings would be better.

  38. I've just always assumed the character was white, honestly. Because:

    a) Natural hair color unlikely to be black / very dark
    b) Goes sun-tanning, so unlikely to have darker skin
    c) Can get Latin/Asian fetish, which would be weird if she were
    d) Apparently, I'm more unconsciously racist than I thought.

    And really, I don't see the point. Race is mostly a social thing, and it's not like this is retroactively going to change up upbringing; and pretty much nobody comments on her appearance anyway.

    Were it in there, I'd go for it being just a descriptor of skin tone. Maybe as simple as buying the hair dye, and, oops, putting it on her skin. (Hey, that would give the succubus/dragon the red/green skin they deserve, and be good for the furry TFs too ...)

  39. ethnicity option 2
    clothing option 3

  40. I wanted to say it long time ago - please make it possible to choose appearance or at last eye color at the beginning. I mean, my eyes never was brown (and I do not like this color), yet every time game starts pointing that my eyes brown, thus I can't play without bad feeling that game cheating me. And of course buying contact lenses doesn't really help, it still feels totally false.
    By the way, I've seen bright blue and green lenses in game but can't remember gray. Meanwhile its more common to see gray eyed people here, than blue or green eyed.

    Also there is a bug, which really bugging me - its possible in game to go anywhere undressed! Yes, I did it, many times, going on work, to the beach, in a bar - doesn't matter, every time game only pointing that I'm blushing cause I forgot to put on my undies. What? I am completely naked!!! And no one cares! And of course its possible to work while wearing inappropriate clothes, at last as a blogger for sure. When I wasn't working naked I used to work in my track suit, slutty secretary outfit (even without undies or with way too obvious black bra and no one cared!), form fitting clothes (which is way too sexy for a newspaper office I guess, someone at last could notice my legs and figure - but no!) and so on.
    I guess this needs to be fixed first of all, who cares about ethnic changes when one can recklessly flash bare bottom in public without any excuse or consequences?
    And finally - this "test item" ability kinda kills interest, cause I can simply do whatever I want. Hard to avoid cheating, when its so easy. At last we need a version of the game where its disabled.

  41. I like the sound of option 2 for ethnicity and 1 for clothes. 3 for both just seems like a ton of work for you with little payoff or limits access to things that really shouldn't be limited.

    And I love clothes, lots and lots of clothes. The more choices the better. Clothing limitations doesn't make much sense even with the curse.
    But a small expansion on ethnicity even if its just descriptors to expand on the detail of how you appear would be great.

    I'd rather see the game expand before its made more complex but making it complex before expanding would reduce the amount of work going back through things to add flags.

  42. id say option 2 would be best it adds a since achievement to the game. u know u finally reach the requirements and after the long wait u finally get to use the item. plus its more dimension making it to where the player has to explore more options in your game. that is if thats the way your taking this game towards a written rpg sort of game.

    p.s. how long do you believe it will take to get the next update? not trying to sound pushy i just like this game and im really excited to play the next update

  43. I vote for Ethinicity 2.
    I don't see enoug appeal in 3 to make it worth coding it.

    With clothes I would say stay with 1, but maybe make conditions for obtaining them harder and base them on combination of feminity, inhibitons, maybe some skills and perhaps ethnicity too. Also traits perhaps? If you get exhibitionist then you don't care about revealing outfits much, I guess.
    Maybe it would also be good if some outfits were available more easily with certain occupations. Like various office dresses with office job etc.

  44. more love for blue and/or green skin, or that strange orange you get from instant tan fluid, because umpa loompa are sexy... okay not really. I think skin color changes are either too silly or to bug inducing. imagine all the extra script lines needed if npc react differently to each race. I say stick with the basics.

  45. If it's ultimately decided to model ethnicity, will the ethnicity of your progeny also be modeled?

  46. since we're working on stereotypes what if you added things like Black would have a tendency to have larger asses, Asians maybe flatter, etc.

    1. Because Asians not flatter. Stereotype wrong.

    2. On the other hand, they are stereotypes. They don't have to be right. They just are. Not saying you're wrong, just your reasoning is.

      (Note that I'm not the original poster of this comment, I just can't ignore bad logic.)

  47. You can add a reset spells (Alteration magic) to reset a month, because I use good luck and scroll down my natural charisma -80

  48. Is it possible to quit your job? dont seem to be able to find anywhere.

  49. I don't understand why changing your skin tone is the only thing to get you fired. If people notice that, then wouldn't they also notice if you shrink from 6' tall to 5'? They know you were not wearing stilts to make you that tall.

    Perhaps transformations of any kind should just subtract from your job performance, because people realize there's something weird but the magic stops them from realizing exactly what it is. Minor or nonvisible transformation, like hair color or growing a small penis, might still have no job effect. Major transformation like skin color would maybe tank your job performance a lot, but you could still keep the job if you were very good at it.

    This idea would give more tradeoffs in the game. You can either focus on the magic stuff and transforms, or focus on being good in your job, but really not both.

  50. A second comment: Is there ever a plan to let you start over at a job you have been fired from?

    Especially if you can get fired for changing your appearance. They think you're somebody new, so they don't trust you with the high level promotion you had before, but maybe you can start over at entry level again and work your way back up.

  51. Ethnicity #3

    I don't see why you should do the automatically fired thing, though. I thought the idea was that nobody notices your changes--nobody raises an eyebrow if you lose a foot of height, become obese and your breasts grow 5 sizes over a weekend (possible with Maria's reward, or via magic). Why should ethnic changes be any different?

  52. About limiting clothing...
    It would IMHO be better to rely more on inhibition and femininity stats, and not rely on time at all. The two mentioned stats need to be dragged out to greater lengths though. As they are now, they are too easy to shift and thus too quick to shift.

    Also, it may be worth it to give a bit more attention to inhibition. Like a character suddenly feeling too shy about trying to buy a restricted item, running out of store and refusing to go back in for a day or so, or acting in a similar matter in "other cases". As it is, inhibition just feels too "artificial" and too "selective". And the changes in character's personality are too fast for a "life sim".

  53. When is the next update?

    1. We averaging one bug fix update a year. So an actual update will be sometime in the Summer of 2065 give or take a decade or two.

  54. For the clothing system, I would suggest a time staggered release, but instead of making it so that you can only see clothes that you would wear, just make all of the clothes available, but whenever your character attempts to buy them, reject the choice and explain why, so that people can SEE that the item is available at that time, and know what the requirements are, instead of just shotgunning all over the place. The explanation should actually be fairly specific so that it doesn't become a guessing game of what the exact conditions are.

  55. Also, realistically, a clothing shop doesn't just cater to one person, so anybody should be able to see any of the wares, they just wouldn't actually purchase them for whatever reason. If you're going to hide an outfit from the player, there should be an actual reason, like having to belong to that store's VIP list or something for exclusive access to a hot ticket item.

  56. I like the sound of both 3 and 3. It adds more. Also I would suggest a few exclusive clothes to a certain race. For example like asians a kimonos

  57. Ethnicity: #3 Just leave out the stereotypes and reduce it to traits, like darker skin tone or almond shaped eyes.

    Clothing: #1 Personally, I just find it weird to constantly where a few different outfits each time, like wearing the same one or two ti\hings to
    work always. I'd also be nice if the clothes were cheaper if this was the
    case. Thanks for taking this survey!

  58. E2 and C3. not a fan of in-game choices changing my race, its quite limiting.

    as for the clothing, the sheer amount of shopping choices when you start the game is pretty overwhelming, so i would be for cutting them down/working your way up.