Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Things

First thing: My head hurts from all this wall bashing that I've been doing. My motivation for Cursed dries up faster than a puddle in a desert. I'm still not giving up on it, but I am taking a...let's call it an "extended hiatus".

Because fucking everyone has asked me, I'm posting an unlocked version of Cursed. This is not the most current build (which I'm actively working on, uh, sort of), but rather an older one, from quite a while ago, so it doesn't have all the newest stuff. Please do not bombard me with requests for "HOW DOES THIS MECHANIC WORK?!" I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain the minutiae of every last object/room/variable. I'm willing to help, but come on.

Also, please do not actively mod the game. You can make your own changes to it for your purposes, but if I suddenly see a release under someone else's name with my content (and I have put in a few easy-for-me-to-tell methods of figuring that out), then all you'll do is piss me off and kill the game entirely.

You can find the unlocked version by clicking here.

Second thing: I DID get hit with inspiration, so while Cursed is on hiatus, I'm going to be making a (much less complicated) other game. No details at the moment, because suspense! But I'll post it here when it's done in 10-12 years.


  1. Maybe it will be the sequal to Grandmother's House or something like it. As much as I love Cursed, I think RAGS is to limited for its continued development. Still you do great work and I look forward to whatever you put out next.

  2. Hey AM! Thanks for the heads up. I look forward to trying your next project and remain hopeful you'll find your spark for Cursed again! You should be damn proud of Cursed. For a one man project its crazy immense and well put together.

  3. Seems a bit over my head at first glance, but will give me a chance to learn though observation. An older version probably does me some good since its a little less complex from the additions.

    I can see why you get so frustrated though. A lot of things I thought would be interconnected aren't, forcing you to repeat variables in many places. Having to remember all the places would be a serious chore.

  4. I'm just glad to see you're not dead AM :).

  5. Glad to see that you are more or less ok :D I was getting kinda worried that this was dead in the water and you abandoned us :P But in all seriousness glad to see your doing alright. I hope no one does end up ruining this for everyone by releasing their own version :/ But really I don't know if RAGS is suitable for this game andymore it still seem rather clunky to use and program for and takes a long time to churn out new content on t, from what i've heard from other content creators.

    This game just has something going for it that makes it different from most other adult games out there, it has the human element to it. Characters aren't two-dimensional faces that you just fuck, it has many varying scenes and the customisation at this point is already better than most. I started playing this game way back when and all I thought it was going to be was adult smut, but it turned into something more than that. You have a way with the style that you write that just makes the world really interesting to be in and you do your sex scenes in a tasteful, but still erotic, way.

    If it does end because you can't do it anymore I will miss it but I know you'll be able to move on to bigger and better things. I just want to thank you for this experience and I hope you get you mojo back :D

  6. So what do ministry and conviction even do? The whole nun brothel thing doesn't seem to be documented very well.

  7. Personally I find it is a lot better to have 2 projects (or sometimes more). so when the desire and ideas run dry on one, you turn to the other. It is only then do I think of new things for that first project. What's more it stops you from getting rusty, and keeps your fanbase intact.

  8. All this talk about Cursed and now a new game are a good thing even if not as we desire. Some degree of feedback is always a good thing. Speaking of feedback, what about TTF?

  9. In 0.4.1d version in Church Sunday event (where you can steal money) does not check for available time. E.g. if you come in nun outfit, steal money, then go to convent and back, you still can trigger event even if time already hit Late Night.