Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday (Progress Reports)

Mike's first sexual interaction is ALMOST done, at least. All the possible variations for being a futanari are done, and a lot of the stuff from that can be carried over to the variation if you're not a futanari. But when I looked at the situation and realized that there needs to be a some non-futanari vagina action, my head started to hurt.

It's only about an hour of work left to finish that, so I should be able to finish that on Monday pretty quick (unless I work this weekend, which is not a guarantee), and then Mike's first interaction will be done. Subsequent interactions won't be nearly as bad, as there a lot of "first time" things that happen in the first interaction that can be skipped in subsequent ones.

Since Mike is also the first recurring NPC that you can actually have sex with, I also had to put a few other things into place for the first time, some of which I made up on the fly. There's long been a request for a "dirty talk" trait that I finally started adding. Basically, it's whether or not you encourage your partner during sex, so it's not so much "dirty" talk, but rather just talking like a porn star or something. I will admit that my skill at writing such is pretty awful, but I'm doing my best.

I also added a kind of slap-dash method for determining your vaginal capacity, which is basically your Sex skill. The better your Sex skill, the easier it is for you to take larger dicks into your vagina, more or less. It's not perfect, but it's not the worst either.

And finally, if your inhibitions are high during orgasm, you'll have a quiet, restrained orgasm. If they're middle of the road, you'll have a moaning, groaning orgasm. If they're low, your neighbors are going to hear it.

There's some other stuff that I did, but those are the major modifications I worked on while defining the sexual encounter with Mike.


  1. That orgasm change is for any sex scenes?

  2. For most sex scenes. It hasn't been applied to any sex scenes already written. It might later, but not at the moment.

  3. Just wondering, is there any way to counteract mental magic reducing your natural charisma or will it over time reduce it to zero(or less) no matter how many piercings, jewelry and tattoos you have? Makes it seem kinda pointless if thats the case, induce confidence in no way makes up for the loss.

  4. Was wondering if you are able/going to create a forum here similar to Fenoxo's forums.