Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday (Progress Report)

Every so often, I get up early and get started early. Today is not that day.

Stream was short today because I have a lot of stuff to do in the afternoon. However, I did get the basics of the bee transformation started.

Going to the park will have a non-zero chance to get stung by a bee. You can also almost-certainly get stung by bees by playing with flowers while they're around. If you do get stung by a bee, the stings will hurt for a few days (reducing health by 1 each day until they're healed). If you go to the pharmacy after getting stung, you'll have a couple of options for treating the stings. Bee sting ointment will restore your health and reduce the amount of time you have to wait for the sting to go away by one day, but you have to apply it every day.

The other is a bee serum. Inject and the sting is gone, and get a nice health bonus out of it too, but it's not always available.

However, if you get stung, there's a chance (15%) that you get stung by a "special" bee. If you use the serum on the special bee sting, then you'll start the bee transformation. Once initiated, it can only be stopped by the gene cleansing treatment at the doctor's office, otherwise it will progress all on it's own.

I should have that done by tomorrow, which will hopefully mean a release tomorrow. I do want to add a thing to the testing item too that will report on Genevieve's relationship status, since it seems to be not working 100%, annoyingly.


  1. Is the tf only physical or do you also mentally transform into a bee? As in: insect instincts take over.

    1. The game-ending TF will result in instincts overriding your actions over time, yes.

    2. Ah okay. My pc is currently in repair so i cant experience the tf. So can i ask how it progresses? Do you slowly also shrink down to bee size and/or do you also transform fully into a bee with wings and abdomen and so on?

      And can i suggest you some things if you later make it a non game ending tf?