Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time for Thursday Progress Reports!

Stream's over.

I fixed a couple more bugs, but my mind is shot at the moment, so I have no idea what they were. Go figure. Probably important though.

Then I worked on more dating stuff, woo! I'm hoping that by the time I'm done working tomorrow, I can push an update that at the very least has all the clothes shopping options available for dating. Not all the mall activities, but just the clothes shopping ones. There's a lot of writing going on.

OH! I also fixed Genevieve's relationship status not getting updated. There's basically two systems working together. One is the numerical count of friendship and romance, which is pretty straightforward: you get points, she likes you more, you lose points, she likes you less. But there's also "thresholds" for both. So for example, the numerical difference between being acquaintances and friends is you're an acquaintance when her friendship score is between 21 and 50, and a friend when her friendship score is 51 to 80. But when you go from 50 to 51 on a date, then the threshold system updates from "Acquaintance" to "Friend".

This is there for two reasons. First and foremost, if you piss her off (say, you're at "Friend" level, but your score drops below 50, which is the minimum for "Friend"), then the threshold system will, over the course of a few days, build her friendship back up to the minimum for that threshold. In other words, you piss her off, she stops answering your calls for a few days, and then you're friendly again when the anger has passed.

The second reason is so that people react properly to various actions. For example, Genevieve? She hates when her partners cheat on her, for any reason. Currently, she can't actually discover that you're cheating, but once that's implemented, if she finds out your cheating when she's in love with you (Romance > 100), then her Romance score will drop to zero. The threshold system keeps track of the fact that she was once in love with you, and now she isn't at all. Guess what that means.

That's right, a tearful break up phone message! And now you're never going to talk to her again.

So the numerical system has always been working, but it wasn't properly updating the threshold system. But that should work now, and everyone will be happy. (This is also why she would never let you kiss her after a date, by the way).

Hopefully there'll be an update tomorrow.


  1. Hey AM, wasn't able to catch the stream after I asked so again, do the 2nd fetishes matter for the nuns? How do I find them?

    Also reporting a few typos:
    - training su li in kinky fetish says "Well, I'm glad you're interested, Jacqueline,"
    - training sofia in bondage also says "Tell me, Claire,"

    Finally there's a bug when training Marie in breast fetish to level 1 where a pop-up says:

    "Rags cannot process the command correctly. If you are the game author, please correct the error in this command:CT_VARIABLE_SET_WITH_VARIABLE

    1. Details about Marie's breast fetish bug:
      - I had both pregnancy and breast fetish sex traits myself
      - I had multi-breasts and was 90% Cow TF but not fully Cowgirl.
      - Was pregnant 10 weeks old while training her

    2. If you find a "compatible" secondary fetish to go along with the nun's primary fetish, they'll get a special title. Otherwise, you can do whatever you'd like.

      I'll take a look at the bugs tomorrow.

  2. I got Mike's number after strength training at the gym but can't call him; i'm guessing this isn't implemented yet?

    1. Not yet. The author tends to do favor a shotgun effect for what features he does. So you'll maybe see stages of it update along side a half dozen unrelated updates.

  3. Wooh! You're really going at it, good job Anonymous Man. Having a more scattered approach to what get's updated is interesting, because there's a wide variety to each update, and it makes it an interesting surprise to hear what you've worked on during your updates.