Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday (Progress Reoprt and Final Bug Fix)

Mike, I fucking hate you and your stupid code!

Anyway, it's fixed. Again. And tested. Again. And it works. Again. I hate my life.

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Mega.NZ -!xR43QKjD!-hQJP5nats4Vz42AaFS0EiAAAGOhdHHiqPFH7R-bGzI

Today's big achievement was creating a painting system. Painting is a fun and relaxing exercise, reducing your arousal and boosting your creativity. It can even turn into an income stream: if you're good enough, you can sell your paintings (as long as you have a computer). Be careful, though, because if your painting doesn't sell, you can get a slight penalty to your creativity skill (though you'll get the skill point back, so it's not the worst thing in the world).

A painting's value is determined by your creativity when you create it. Every painting requires 4 time periods to complete, and you can only paint once per day. At the end of a painting session, your creativity skill is increased (25% chance of a 1, 2, or 3 point increase, with a 25% chance of no increase at all; such are the vagaries of creativity), and then your creativity score is added to the painting's value. So if you have a creativity score of 25, and paint four times (and for the sake of simplicity, let's assume you don't get any skill boosts), then your painting value is 100. If you have 50 creativity, and paint four times, then your painting value is 200.

So obviously higher creativity is better.

If you decide to sell your painting, it's posted online for a maximum of 7 days. Eventually, when you go to the living room, you'll get a notice (in orange) that you should check your sale listing, which activates the action on the computer to do just that. If the painting's value is low, then you're very likely to have no sale, through there's a 5% chance you'll make some money. If the painting's value is high, you sell it for a base value plus a random modifier. For example, if the painting value is between 150 and 250, then the base value is 25, and the random modifier is 100, so the painting will sell for between $26 and $125. The random modifier is always the same, but higher painting values have a higher base, up to a base of 125 when painting value is 376 or higher.

There's also a 5% chance that you'll have a REALLY good sale, and the base value of the sale is much higher. That painting with a painting value between 150 and 250 will suddenly have a base sale of $75.

The basic idea behind the system is that painting is fun and a revenue stream, but it's way too time consuming to do it full time. And as a practical matter, you can't: even just one painting will take at least 7 days to paint and sell, and maybe as long as 11 days, and the most you can get for one painting is $350.


  1. Hey Anonymous, what do you plan todo with the suspicion feature? I mean, its a little bit unrealistic if i can walk as a fully transformed bee woman or a woman with wings into the mall and no one asks a question :D

  2. Mike's working now but he won't leave the bedroom after the scene, lol.

  3. Is anyone elses illusion magic skill mysteriously stuck at 46 for some reason?

  4. Do you have to be a futa to find Mike at the gym?

  5. Is the Genevieve dating not working? I set up a date, rollerskating, and when I go to leave I choose shoes to go out in and click to continue but stay put in my foyer.

  6. And now, AnonymousMan has sucessfully captured the plight of the hobbist artist. What more could possibly be added that tops this?

    Brava, brava

  7. Any chance you can add more breast sizes and clothing options?

  8. This is why I love this game. It's not just about sex with genitals popping up in every corner. You get these nice little things that really immerse you into the game world. Keep it up, man.

  9. if i can walk as a fully transformed bee woman or a woman with wings into the mall and no one asks a question :D