Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday (Progress Report)

Two more interviews sketched in. Well, technically, just the prep work, but since I had to make that from scratch, I had to spend some time figuring out how that system worked. Feels like I made some progress.

Now to spend my afternoon answering emails and hopefully not getting charged tax by a stupid state.


  1. how do i keep missing the streams?

    1. You can tell Picarto to give you email notifications, if that would help you. You need an account, though.
      If you already are getting notifications, and you're still missing streams, then it may just be that when it's reasonable and convenient for AM to stream, it's not reasonable and convenient for you to watch.

    2. The method to get notifications, in case you don't know, is to firstly press the large green Follow button, underneath the stream window. Then go into your account settings - click your profile picture in the top right, and then Configuration - and then turn Follower Online Notifications on.

  2. By not being there when they are on.