Friday, April 1, 2011

[APRIL FOOLS] Damn it.

Alright, so. After a couple of weeks of working on Trials, I've just about had it. I can't figure out what to do next, the characterization is terrible, and quite frankly, it's just no longer interesting. So I'm just done with it. Killed. Dead. Sorry if you were waiting for it.

Cursed is a different story.

For Cursed, I've decided that the TG-TF elements are completely unnecessary. So, now you begin the game as a woman, and it's really just a life simulator. But there's no sex. I couldn't figure out how to code the potential outcomes of sex, like pregnancy, or arousal, or character interaction, or...well, basically a lot of stuff. So I figured it would be better to just drop it entirely. So, the game is now going to be about the day-to-day interactions of a woman in her normal life. Hopefully, it'll still be interesting, but I know the new focus will drive a lot of people away.

I think I'll put up a beta tomorrow, and see what people think of the playable parts. So far you're able to wake up, get breakfast, head to the mall, buy some clothes, and eat some food. It's actually pretty stimulating, in my own humble opinion. None of that has any effect on the game yet, but it's in there, at least. So, look for the beta on the TFGamessite forum tomorrow, once I've cleaned up the unruly bits.

Seriously, though, people, April fools.

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