Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Livestreaming (Stay Tuned)

I had way too much fun with that livestream, and got a lot of work done to boot. So I'll be doing it again tomorrow. I will most likely start early, around 10ish EDT, but the guaranteed times are again 12pm to 1pm. I'll update this post (and subject line) when the stream starts.

Edit: Might not be able to do the livestream today. My significant other is not feeling well, and it falls to me to look after her. If the stream is cancelled today, I'll pick it up again tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Edit 2: Unfortunately, there will be no livestream today. Sorry. I will do it tomorrow though, unless she's not feeling better.

In other news, donations are about $50 $30! away from a Trials livestream. Remember that the button is up until the end of the week, and then it goes away (hopefully forever).

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