Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Page: Requested Features

There's a new page on the blog. I'll update it as requests come in.


  1. I have a "minor request".

    How about an exhibitionist trait? Go out in public without panties, or perhaps practice yoga in the nude on the balcony enough, and it'll cause the character/player to become aroused whenever they do those type of things later. Maybe have some altered sexual interactions later on...

    (also if I'm being a moron, and this is already implemented, then my bad ^^')

  2. How do you want us to contact you for requests?

    'Cause I would love some more to do with corsetry/a waist measurement to keep track of. Perhaps something like the smaller the corset the less you can eat a day, perhaps if you gain some sort of trait with it you have problems moving without a corset on, etc.

  3. @Kazard: There is an exhibitionist trait already, actually.

    @second comment: Requests are made by donating. When you donate, include a message with your donation explaining what you would like to see added to the game. The more detailed, the better.

  4. It's not an Anonymous Man game without some sort of "your milk is addictive and allows you to take over the world by feeding it to other women who also start producing it" ending. Maybe worked into the cow girl transformation (or did you mean cow girl as in Old West sort of thing)?

  5. Will the animal and otherwise non-human transformations be optional or at least have a warning before they go into effect so you can avoid them? Because I know a lot of people, myself included, that are not entirely comfortable with that and would greatly appreciate the option to avoid them.

  6. so how exactly do i have sex or has sex not been implemented yet i am puzzled as to how to do it