Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Version 7/27

New version.

Major Changes and Additions
- There is now a selection of footwear available for purchase. Footwear can have a variety of effects. Check the shoe store at the mall.

Bug Fixes
- Rent is now properly considered paid when you pay it automatically.
- Missing your "introduction" to your job will now be properly reflected in the first conversation you have with your boss, and will result in a penalty to Job Performance.
- Heels Skill should now show up properly in the Skills option of the Status action.

Future Plans
- The next job to be added will be the Business career track (the green folder).
- Magazines and books will be added so that the bookshelf actually does something, and so that you can get minor effects from disposable items (magazines can only be used once before needing to be repurchased)
- Adjust the cash flow for the player.

Known Bugs
- The Import/Export doesn't work properly: specifically, it does not save your career track, so you can't actually work. The best (and currently only) way around this is to restart the new version of the game, use the "Skip Intro" cheat, select your job, then return to the bedroom and use the Import function. Again, the function is not perfect, and can't be, but I should be able to refine it eventually. 
- The leather dress doesn't show a proper description and counts as being naked.


  1. Just to say when first accepting waitress job, I equiped the outfit from locker then spoke to employer. This led to being auto returned home and locked in apartment due to no clothes that fit as sweatstuff was at work >.<

  2. Bug: Accquired the reformed feet trait prior to accepting novice stripper job. Now on wearing anything other than the short heels, it results on kicking off the heels during work.

  3. I also have the 'kicking off heels while stripping/reformed feet' bug, despite having gotten the job then the trait.

  4. don't suppose it'd be possible to fix the advance time option on the testing item? Everytime i've ever tried to use it, no matter what time it is from early morning to night, it always says, "It's already the end of the day. Go to sleep already."

  5. Something clicks in your mind as your thought patterns change ever so slightly. You have gained the Meditative Calm ability (while active, your arousal increases half as fast as normal, but your martial arts skill is reduced by one point for every time block it is active).

    Is that meant to read "... your martial arts skill is increased by ...", or does this skill actually reduce your martial arts skill?

  6. A old bug, leather dress says you are naked.

    I missed a rent payment (didnt have enough money). Now it says see building manager to pay it, but how/where do I do that (cant find any option for it).

  7. Question. I dont know anything about making games so correct me if im wrong but Rags seems kinda old and limited to me, why not use whatever Otherwold or Slavemaker is being made with or something else?

  8. @7th Comment: The reason I don't use what Otherworld and Slavemaker use (which is Flash, by the by), is because my experience is with RAGS, and I particularly enjoy breaking engines. I'm also completely helpless when it comes to ActionScript, and a proper, legal copy of a Flash development kit is $900. Which I don't have.

    Re: Building Manager: the interaction is not yet available.

    re: Meditative Calm: yes it IS supposed to reduce your martial arts skill, once I actually get around to adding it. Otherwise, it would be possible to leave Meditative Calm on all the time. I may come up with another way to make it cost something, but I haven't decided yet. And Martial Arts skill is relatively easy to increase anyway.

    Re: time advance on testing device: I'll fix it on the next update.

  9. Thanks for clarification on meditative calm skill. I guess it was just surprising since I got it from practising martial arts!

    I understand the point, while in a calm state it would be difficult to be "martial". Perhaps an alternative might be for martial arts ability to be halved while the skill is active?

    Alternative drawback to always being calm might be penalties to personal interactions; people don't feel like they are connecting with you.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    "Came for the porn, stayed for the game"