Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Version 7/26

New version up. I sadly did not get everything I wanted done, but I added some important features.

Major Changes
The testing item now has an Import/Export function. You can only use the function in the bedroom at the beginning of the day. This does not carry over everything. Notably, due to the way the game is designed, purchasable items do not carry over, so you will have to buy them again. Which I know sucks, but there's no elegant way to take care of that. And you can get unlimited money easily anyway.
- Heels comfort is now a skill. There is a difference between being able to walk in heels and being able to look good in heels. At 5 skill points, you can wear short heels without a problem. At 15 skill points, medium heels can be worn without a problem, and you get a non-natural charisma bonus for short heels. At 25 skill points, you can wear tall heels without a problem, and medium heels give you a non-natural charisma bonus. At 40 skill points, tall heels give you a non-natural charisma bonus. There may also be requirements for specific shoes, such as ballet heels, later. Also, wearing short heels gives you 1 point in your skill, wearing medium gives 2, and tall gives 3.
- If you wear medium or higher heels too much, you may unlock a new trait...

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes
- Using a dildo now takes time.
- Sports Bra and White Corset underwear can be repurchased when they no longer fit.
- Job Performance requirements for promotion from Waitress has been significantly lowered, from 20 to 8 (you can get promoted in less than two weeks this way).
-The option you choose when confronting Maria (Object or Submit) now affects your sexuality.
- Rent timer wasn't running, but is now fixed: you will have to pay rent every 30 days.

Future Changes
- Footwear.  Kind of a big one, now that I know how it will work.
- Adding in the other jobs, at least to the point where you can get one promotion.
- Adding in other characters to interact with.
- Bringing back Maria on day 14.

Known Bugs
- Rent doesn't get counted as paid, even when it's actually paid.
- It's possible, through an unlikely sequence of events, to mess with the clothes provided in the stripper job.


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  2. Humm got evicted after paying my rent said I was two days late. Also just a minor bug April only has 30 days not 31.

  3. Yeah same issue myself after paying rent kept telling me that I hadn't paid the rent, and there was no way to repay... kinda stopped the game :D

    (still trying to get darn promoted! :P)

  4. Also, I noticed that my heels comfort skill never showed up on my skills list and I never saw much progress with the promotion. Heels skill did increase, but the game never announced it in any way (based on the fact I could wear medium heels without incident).

  5. As soon as I say that, I get the promotion offer. Never mind! So my only question is "Is heel skill supposed to be a hidden stat?"

  6. will there be pictures in the game?

  7. @kappakappa: The heels skill is not supposed to be hidden. I'll double-check that.

    @6th poster: I haven't decided the pictures issue yet. If there ARE pictures, though, they'll be pretty generic.