Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New version uploaded

New version on the right.

The big update for this one is the beginning of the job system. Currently, you can work as a waitress, and get up to four random events while working, or have an otherwise boring shift. Note that the days you work are quite specific, so don't be surprised when you can't work on Tuesday.

There are also quite a few bug fixes, mostly related to clothes (note to self: do NOT change the name of items, ever), but some other minor problems have been fixed as well. If you notice any new bugs, though, please report them.

The plan for the next segment of development is to expand the eroticism career with new events, characters to interact with, and promotions, as well as adding in new items to pass the time. Also, a couple of indicators of time passing: a hunger meter, and a certain other things (hair growth, etc).

Edit: The sleep command doesn't come up properly. The next version will fix this (it's literally just adding a single command), but in the meantime, use the testing item command "Skip Intro".

Edit 2: Additional testing has somehow broken things that actually were fixed. I have no idea how. I'll work on getting those bugs fixed before streaming tomorrow, but I guarantee nothing.


  1. Sleeping doesn't appear to work, the option never comes up on the bed and all 'advance time' does is increase arousal.

  2. Can confirm that you are not able to sleep seems you're pretty much stuck Sunday

  3. Sleeping is possible if you use the testing item to skip time. However you can't do more than one day of work as you don't feel comfortable getting undressed in the changing room after you put your uniform on.

  4. The asymmetrical dress still doesn't update your clothed description, and neither does the waitress uniform or med. stripper heels.

    Also, my name got changed to "Victoria" (choice was "Nikki") at some point, possibly when I talked to Alice.

  5. You can't remove some clothes you brought at the mall. And you can't remove your work clothes at the changing room after your work.

  6. Your name gets set to Victoria by using the skip intro function (which is what I meant instead of skip time in my earlier post)

  7. You can only use the breast pump once, no matter how many days you pass.