Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Day Off Plan

Sounds like an episode of Leverage.

I don't work today, so I'm hoping to get some additional work done. The primary plan today is to fix the bugs that have cropped up, then add some items that will help pass time, other than the TV. I have about a dozen such items planned, so it shouldn't be too bad. Just time consuming. Then, with whatever time remains, work on the waitress job.

I'm also planning to add (today) a foyer to the apartment. One thing I've noticed with RAGS is that, no matter how much you try, the more items you put into a room, the more cluttered the room gets. I've been trying to get around that particular problem with containers, which certainly alleviates a lot of the problem, but then I get container clutter, and that's not any better. So, in the interests of footwear (and the eventual outerwear that will be added), I'm putting in a foyer that will allow you to store some of that stuff. In addition it will have a "front door" object that will hopefully make the "Go To The (Blank)" interactions a bit easier to recognize, instead of being room actions.

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