Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Version and Known Bugs

New version today. The following changes have been made:

- Breast pump now actually works. You can use it more than once (though only once per day), and it will eventually result in activating the Lactation trait.
- Fixed a whole bunch of clothing issues, where you couldn't take clothes off in places that were marked as being safe for taking off clothes.
- Added some new items to the mall. You will notice that a lot of these items can only be used once per day. This is very much intentional. As a result of the new items, I've increased the starting amount of money from $150 to $300, for those people that don't want to use the Trust Fund cheat.
- Added a new promotion to the Eroticism career: Novice Stripper, along with new potential events while working. Note that promotion requires certain skills and physical abilities (specifically, you have to have Fitness above 30, and Dancing at 10+), and your hidden Job Performance stat has to be quite high, so don't be surprised if it takes quite a while to activate it.
- Added a new section to the apartment: the Foyer. Leaving the apartment now requires the use of the "front door" item, but there shouldn't be any conflicts with any existing commands.

The current version also has the following known bugs:

- Some clothes still say that you're naked when you're wearing them. This is due to me not having updated the clothing system to account for those clothes yet (might do that tonight).
- You can't get promoted past the Novice Stripper job: I haven't programmed that yet.
- You can progress all the way to day 369 (April 1st, 2013), but nothing happens. That's the end game. Don't expect it to be in for quite a long time.

Edit: pretty crazy discussion of bugs and future features going on at TFGamesSite. Check it out starting here!


  1. Latex keyhole dress still won't let you remove it in your bedroom.

    Also, the only option for watching the Dance DVD is Cancel.

  2. Fixed that and reuploaded.

  3. What role does femininity play, anyway? I can never seem to get lower than mostly masculine.

  4. After a certain point, choosing to Masturbate returns the message that I'm not in the mood for it, despite having greater than 50% Arousal, but it still advances time.

  5. WQhy did the file size shrink 8mbs

  6. Possible bug: I was able to go to the dojo naked.

  7. Can't remove Blouse and Pants in the bedroom.

    Keep up the good work, this is an awesome game.

  8. Using the blonde dye won't change your hair to blonde, and a typo when using the platinum dye, "Looks like pink is your new, permanent hair color"

    I can't go to the gym after the first time.

  9. After training/working out quite a bit the body have changed so much that no clothes fit. And since some clothes are left at work I now have no clothes that can be used to get out of the apartment :(