Friday, July 15, 2011

Version 7/15 Up

I know I have a changelog for this stuff, but I wanted to point out a few known issues in the version that was just uploaded, in addition to explaining some of the new mechanics.

New Additions
- The tailor is now available to alter your clothes. In order to have clothes altered to fit your current body, you have to know that it doesn't fit: if you don't try it on and notice that it doesn't fit, it doesn't get added to your list of things that need to be altered. The cost for alterations is $5 per outfit.
- Your hair now grows longer every 15 days. There's currently no way to shorten your hair, but a hairdresser will be added within the next week or so.
- You now have to worry about eating. Hunger builds up over the course of a day, and if it gets too high, the game will end (you die). Eat from the fridge. The notification messages are, right now, kind of hard to see, but I'm updating them so that you can tell when it's getting to be a serious issue.
- You'll now be informed when you should be heading to work.
- You now have to pay rent every 30 days. It is not a particular day of the week or the month, but rather every thirty days. I know this is slightly unrealistic (it should be a fixed day of the month), but whatever. Rent is $600, and you have the option of paying it immediately on the day that it's due. If you don't, you have to pay it before the end of the day, which lets you get one more potential payday in (currently the front door is used to pay rent, later it will be a mailbox item). Failure to pay your rent by the end of the day means that, normally, you'd have to visit your landlord (called building manager in game for nebulous reasons currently) and work out some method of payment. That's not currently available, so if you don't pay your rent properly, the game will end 2 days later when you get evicted.
- Couple fixes: you can't, for example, get into a situation at the strip club where your clothes don't fit, preventing you from getting home. The breast pump has been fixed so you can't drink infinite milk. The dildo panties have been removed until I figure out what they're going to do. Clothing may have been fixed once and for all, but I wouldn't count on it. The masturbation bug that prevented masturbation when your inhibitions were less than 90 has been fixed. Weight gain/loss powder has been fixed so that, if you use it up, you can buy more and use it again (and you also can't use it in the store).

Known Bugs and Issues:
- Stripper clothes still do not properly alter your description. They have not yet been added to the clothing grid.

Planned Changes:
- The hunger/food system is going to undergo a planned revamp. I hate to kill a baby here, but very, very few people seem to think it's a good addition. You will still be required to eat, but it will be less intrusive. 


  1. Tailor isn't working right, even after finishing the growth from two uses of the breast cream, getting an estimate returns the message that none of my clothes need alteration, even though I've tried them on and been told they won't fit.

  2. Okay, figured out what the problem was. The condition was stopping after failing one conditional, rather than checking them all. Fixed, but not uploaded yet.

  3. Lovely game

    One issue I have noticed is when going to work - it is possible to stave to death before you finish your shift.... even if you have eaten that morning.

  4. Watching TV and getting the movie about the woman and her daughter that ends with, " you feel strangely empowered." ups masculinity from Mostly to Strongly.

  5. @GoldenDawn: That is very weird. But I'm going to revamp the hunger system anyway, so moot, I guess?

    @TheHippy: That's because Mostly Masculine is 50 to 75% masculine, while Strongly Masculine is 25 to 50% (speaking abstractly).

  6. Dave good to hear - I personally don't overly like it - it might be good to in fact link it to a (you must eat once a day, and depending on what you eat it will effect your stats) type idea...

    But the "die if you don't eat" .... in real life you can go many many many days without eating (okay look like crap afterwards :D) but you must drink :D

    But I really like the game - I am looking forward to see your additions all the time - I am really happy to have this to play :D

  7. Found a bug in v7/15, I went to work and when I my shift was over I could not get into my clothes so I could not go home