Monday, July 11, 2011

New Week, New Version, New Plan

Uploaded a new version of Cursed, on the right.

I also figured out a way to encourage donations without having to sell my soul, and without distracting me from making the games you've all come to love. Every week will have a goal. If the goal is met, then I keep uploading playable versions of Cursed the following week. Otherwise, I'll still stream the development, but no demos will be uploaded. Since I was able to raise $125 last week, this week's goal is a mere $75.

That's the stick. Here's the carrot.

Each time you make a donation, you can request an item, piece of clothing or minor effect be added to the game (limit once per week). It may not be added right away, but I will put it on my list of things to implement.

Items are objects you can interact with. They can change your stats, raise or lower your arousal, affect your skills, or be required for certain actions. For example, the strap-on is required to have strap-on sex. The dildo can be used for masturbation to lower your arousal. The hair dye changes your hair color. Items are things you buy and use, or receive as "gifts".

Clothing is obviously the stuff you wear. It can also have an effect on your mental state, and sometimes a (minor) effect on your body shape. Want that fetish wear in the game? Now you can!

Minor effects are effects that, while they change you somewhat, are not necessarily immediately noticeable. Growing a pair of horns is a major effect. Developing a sudden affinity for plants is a minor effect.

(Disclaimer: for the purposes of this program, a week begins at 12:01am Sunday, and ends at 11:59pm Saturday. All times EST). I'll make sure to update the goal accordingly, and any "extra" donations will count towards the following week.


  1. Well done sir, Glad you were able to find a great resolution.


  2. a good idea, hope it works. Are you going to add how much money you received so far? Like $20 out of $75?

  3. @Anonymous: Sort of. More like a countdown, really. When it hits zero, negative numbers!

  4. hi the "lacy black underwear" is buggy it stays in the shop after buying. i want candy. -durah

  5. Re: lacy black underwear: Fixed.

  6. I'd set a dollar limit to adding things in game, say $5 or $10. That keeps someone from doing lots of $1 donations to get a lot of items added and making more work, and adding more complexity, for you.

  7. hi again dave:
    since i found this bug i went to test all the clothing. so: normal dresses work perfectly but i can't undress any underwear in the bedroom (says i don't feel comfortable undressing there) after i bought and put on stuff.

    also after going home the white cotton underwear (the standard one) adopts the buy option.

    furthermore (isnt that an aweful word when combined with bugs) the naming process has a minor bug. after renaming i get this line "Excellent!" the woman says as she smiles widely, "Durah is such a wonderful name." but durah is the old name. so i guess the sentence uses the wrong varible.


    p.s. i'm getting a little tipsy. yay
    p.p.s. if i'm too anal about bug just tell me to fuck off and kill myself. have fun

  8. Nice idea. That (and the stream's last weeks) finally convinced me as well. I might wait a few days until someone other submits something, then see what's possible and give my hard earned cash gladly as well. Good luck!

  9. I'm getting a notification on several buyable dresses that I can't wear them because they don't fit my larger breasts, despite not having breasts any larger than when I entered the mall.

  10. maybe you should consider that, if you are not releasing due to a lack of donations, you won't get to find the bugs as fast (or not at all). which might throw you back in progress because as far as i can tell it's easier, if you get rid of old bugs before you potentially produce more of them.
    this is just a thought and i don't intend to tell you how to manage your work. i think you're doing a good job and want to thank you for some fun hours playing

  11. how do you leave a request with a donation?

  12. Re: bugs. Pretty much all fixed (not terribly difficult to do this time, yay).

    If you make a donation and would like to make a request, simply include your request in the paypal donation text box, er, thingy. If that doesn't work (not enough space), then use the contact email on the blog, making sure to note the amount you donated (so I can match it up), to send your request.

  13. Growing horns? Do we have a Fenoxo-like corruption in the backburner? If so, sweet!