Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Planned Changes

I'm pretty sure it's sad that, when another game maker expresses interest in what I do, I get all happy like "Ee! I have credibility!"

But, anyway.

I planned to change a few things today, but sadly, they did not get finalized due to corruption. So, while I work on making a changelog, here's what I'll be adding to Cursed over the next few days.

- Normal Traits system: You can see this in the video (assuming it ever posted, I don't know if it did), but basically, normal traits are non-sexual traits, though they can assist with getting you sexed. They include Drinker (alters how alcohol works), Heels Expert (bonus for wearing high heels, the higher the better), a few animal-like traits (the ability to tell when someone is aroused, the inability to see other humans as something other than breeding stock), and so on. Quite easy to implement, the only problem is execution (adding ways to get the traits, as well as implementing their effects).
- Clothing Grid: set up the clothing method. I'm going to actually see if the video posted and use those descriptions. Otherwise, I'll just make up some more. Setting up the clothing grid includes setting up the clothes available in the game. Good news is that adding more clothes with this system is easy as pie.
- The Mall: a place where you can buy almost anything you need.
- Buyable Objects: Things that you can buy, including new furniture (with new benefits and actions!) and items that you can carry around. Possibly also jewelry.

If I'm super-fortunate, I can get all that done this week. Otherwise, it'll probably be two.

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