Friday, July 8, 2011

Version Beta Point Something

Another new version uploaded today. Check the change log.


  1. found a ultra minor bug in cursed. lets say you named your pc 'monkey' pre and post tf. she will complain that you need a new name and names you kim. thats working so far. but then she bring up the standard dialog for the renaming process and refers to you as 'monkey'. hope thats makes sense. -durah

  2. I can't seem to leave the mall. I bought everything for sale, and talked to everyone I could talk to, but it won't let me leave.

  3. Can't leave the mall.

    "Room: Mall Entrance - Return Home
    You decide you're not yet ready to return home.

    Room: Mall Entrance - Return Home
    You decide you're not yet ready to return home."

  4. Is the mall as far as you can progress in the game at the moment? I really like the concept of this, just didn't realize it was this early in development. I am guessing there is not clothing for sale at the mall yet so the game won't let you leave the mall.