Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update 8/4

Lots of new stuff in today's update.

Major Additions
- There is now a very low chance (4%) that, when traveling to another location, you will encounter a random conversation among various people. The random conversation could have various effects, depending on your reaction, and not all of them are instantaneous (or obvious). This is the first addition in what will eventually be an increasingly vast amount of potential random encounters.
- You can now become a futa, but the requirements to unlock it are very, very difficult to get (there's only one way to do it, which involves the rare random encounter listed above), though more chances will be added over time. It also currently doesn't affect anything.

Minor Additions
- Hair dye no longer works instantly.
- You can now change your height through specific circumstances (see the major addition above), though it takes time. Other ways to change height will be added eventually.
- Genevieve now has all of her offered services up and running. And you can ask her out (but can't take her out, sadly).
- There's a new item in the pharmacy, in case you're worried about having too much up top.
- There is now a command (on the player portrait) to strip, which removes clothes, underwear and (if applicable) shoes, but only when you're in the bedroom or the strip club. Hopefully, this reduces the number of clicks a bit.
- Leaving the foyer to go into your apartment will remove your footwear automatically.

Bug Fixes
- You now get paid as a secretary.
- Fingerless gloves can no longer be worn before being bought.
- Minor behind-the-scenes fixes.


  1. I've been having an issue where training quickly changes my body type.

    Is the Tailor still broken or am I just missing the way to actually pay him to adjust everything?

  2. Tailor should be working. I tested it and encountered no problems. Make sure you're trying on every outfit you want tailored before you speak to him.

  3. Yay a futa option. I had hoped to see one. Hope to see more stuff come out.

  4. Work progress still doesn't export over. All traits do. Details like hair length and color and fitness don't.

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