Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Version (8/3) (Edit: 8/3a)

And of course I made the blinker thingy black instead of green. Why? Because I'm smrt.

New version on the right, as always. Lots of new stuff today.

Major Features
- It should now be possible to get promoted from a novice secretary to a secretary. There are two possible promotion methods as well.
- Added the leather and latex fetishes. They should be completely working (as in, I can't see a reason why they wouldn't be), but note that you have to really dedicate yourself to either one to unlock the trait.
- Added gloves to the game, check the accessory shop. Currently, they are just something else to wear, but they will have a purpose and an effect later, once additional features are added.

Minor Updates
- Moved the weight kit from the living room to the balcony with the rest of the exercise equipment.
- The bulletin board should now work for the secretary job.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that caused you to wear the platform shoes instead of the platform boots.
- Fixed the error that let you go to your first day too soon, preventing you from continuing in the game.
- Optimized the game a little bit by shutting off a timer (please let me know if you see any problems with Charisma).

Known Bugs
- You always encounter the VP during the secretary job. I changed it to test a couple of things but thought I had changed it back. This one is pretty serious, so I'll have a fix out sometime tonight.
- You can still go to the dojo multiple times a day for some bizarre reason. 

New Version (8/3a)
- Fixed the problem with the secretary random events not being, er, random.
- Fixed the problem with being able to go to the dojo more than once a day (only in very specific circumstances, but it was a bug)
- Dummied out the drug dealer. He'll be back, but in a different capacity.


  1. Great update, but I think I ran into a bug. The only random event that happens during the novice secretary job is running into the VP, and it happens every day. None of the other events are showing up.

  2. What is the dress code for Secretary work? I always sent back home by Ellen

  3. Possible bug: promoted in secretary job to secretary, only random event is the VP. Also, Can go to dojo multiple times in one day.

  4. Bug:

    The 'light' eating schedule does not consume any money, as far as i can tell.

    Fingerless gloves have the 'wear' option enabled even if not bought.

  5. Yet another bug. You seem to have fixed the dojo a little too well.

    Now you can go there once and that's it. Can't go there in subsequent days (says that you've already been there today, even if you were there yesterday, or two days ago.)

  6. Found what could be a bug, after you do overtime on the project, it won't allow you to leave work, tells me that i haven't worked yet, but when i try to work, it tells me I've finished my shift already, kicking myself as i hadn't saved for ages aswell haha.

  7. Got a Question about the promotions,
    first one is getting good at your job (secretary skill?)
    whats the second one?

  8. Hi, great game there. No bugs to report, but just a little suggestion. Is is possible to add in the BWH measurements of your body shape to the descriptions you have there when you examine yourself? Like your waist a 26?